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How I shortened the manuscript from 98,000 to 76,000 words

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When I had sent the draft of Now, Returned to India to my beta readers, the word count stood at nearly 98,000. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, almost every reviewer had mentioned that my writing seemed verbose. So when I sat down to reduce the word count, I also began to maintain a chapter-wise ‘before and after’ word count.

I also kept track of what was the reduction in words in percentage. During the process, I also learnt an important lesson – how to narrate the story in as few words. I am posting the results of my two week long effort below. Note that I also merged two chapters which would explain the numbers in the parenthesis. I am not sure if this was the most effective way of reducing the length of the manuscript, and would like to know how others go about the process.

Update: You can listen to the Sample Chapters of my book! Click below

This post was originally published in 2014 on my (then) WordPress blog and has been updated in February 2022.