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How to Publish 15 Books in Three Years: Author Michal Stawicki

Author Michal Stawicki published his first book in 2013, and in a little over three years he has published 15 books.

I interviewed him to learn how he has been able to achieve this goal. Listen to interview of this authorpreneur from Poland on episode 78 of MyKitaab Podcast.

Listen to Michals’ Interview Below

Discussion with Michal

Michal liked to read since his childhood- it was his only past time. When he was around 32 or 33 years, he realised that working in IT alone will not leave him with much financial assets after his retirement. He wanted to start his own business but being a lifelong employee, he thought that starting a career as a writer would work better for him.

As a child, he would read upto 2 books per day. as a child. Once Michal started his journey as an author, he realized that his reading helped him a lot in becoming a better writer.

He believes that a burning desire to change his life and his attitude of not quitting helps him in managing his daily tasks and priorities. He is also consistent in his habits, that is, everyday he writes and markets his books. Michal writes during his commute on the train.

His first book was edited by a friend from the US who initially volunteered to proofread his book, but in the end she ended up editing it. Michal had a cover design made from Fiverr, and even though it was not the greatest of the designs, it helped him with the sales.

Michal’s Bookwriting Journey

Michal learnt the basics of book marketing from Steve Scott’s Sixty One More Ways to Sell NonFiction Kindle Book. He listed his book on KDP select, and it was downloaded over 400 times followed by the sale of one book per day for several months. This motivated him to write more books.

Writing and publishing took up a significant portion of his spare time, but the financial returns were not great. For example, he earned 11 Euros after 5 months of effort.

Michal has currently put his publishing on hold after he published his latest book in September. He does devote time towards marketing his books.

Michals’ Books:

He has published 15 books till date. His books are about personal transformation and growth. He wrote The Art of Persistence when his friends wanted to learn how Michal was so consistent with his habits. His other books are on speed reading, overcoming shyness, and six areas that successful people work on. These areas include self analysis, physical fitness, and making business connections online. Directed By Purpose is his most recent book.

He is the member of several Facebooks Groups on writing, including Pat’s First Kindle Book and My 500 Words (Amar is also a member of both these books). In the Daily 500 words, he posts how many words he has written everyday, including his answers on Quora.

Authors should publish their books in multiple formats in order to reach a larger audience. -Michal Stawicki

Michal has published books as ebooks, paperback, audiobook, and he uses excerpts from his book on Quora. He also gives the PDF version of this books to his email newsletter subscribers.

Translations and Audiobooks

2 of Michal’s books have been translated into German, and one in Spanish. The translation and the publishing was done by local partners. Michal earns 50 percent of the royalties.

Michal’s first audiobook was published in 2016. The narration and publishing was managed by an audio publisher. Michal sold the rights to the audiobook producer. The revenue from royalties is very little, and he spent his own money for the audiobook production and narration. His second book has been narrated by Derek Doepker, who contacted him through a Facebook group. Derek came up with the idea of narrating his audiobooks and promoting it through his mailing list.

Book Recommendation: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Michal was greatly influenced by this personal development book. Among the books that Michal has authored, he would like to recommend The Trickle Down Mindset.

Michal prefers to read ebooks (Kindle) these days. He likes print books, but prefers the convenience of loading multiple books on the Kindle. He would like to publish a Science Fiction/ Fantasy Book some day. This genre of books influenced him during his childhood days.

Michal’s advise to debut authors is that they should not bother with traditional publishing at the beginning of their careers. The time and effort is not worth it at this early a stage. (Michal has self published all his books)

People can bring transformation in their lives by bringing about a change (change a city, job, relationship, etc.) but the most effective way of bringing about a change is by changing or developing a habit.-Michal Stawicki

Ways to contact Michal:


Email: [email protected]

Michal’s Profile on Quora.

Twitter: @stawickimichal

About Michal Stawicki

Michal spends his days in IT and moonlights as a writer, but he hopes one day to turn his writing into a full-time passion. He lives in Poland with his wife and three kids. If you are looking for concrete personal development strategies, you will find them in his books. Michal’s writing shows that he is a relatable, ordinary guy and not some ivory tower guru.