Spicing up this blog- Introducing Themes

While re-designing my blog site and author site, I thought of adding some method to help with my writing habit. I will publish post along pre-determined categories or themes for the blog themes. Each day will have a “Themes” or topics for every day of the week. You can track the progress of my writing by visiting this page.

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Blog Themes in a Nutshell

Starting February 2022, I will publish atleast 1 blog post per day of around 500 800 words. Each post will carry one of the below themes, depending on the day that post is published. The themes are:
SaaSy-Sundays : SaaS reviews
MyPod Mondays: Podcasting
Travell Tuesdays : All about travel
Webby-Wednesdays : Webhosting, CDN, VPS, Shared Hosting
Techie-Thursdays : DIY setups, upgrades, How To’s
Foto-Fridays: Photos, videos and more
Sustainable-Saturdays: To be explored

Blogging Challenge – a Natural evolution towards developing a Daily Writing Habit

In the past, I have set 60-day blogging challenges, that is, publishing 1 blog post per day for 60 days in a row. In January and February 2021, this helped me reach my posting and word count goal. Because of COVID and life, my writing habit took a hit. As I get back on the blogging side of writing, the idea of “themes” appealed to me.
Blog with Themes. Amar Vyas, 2022
This blog will carry different themes from February 2022. Image: David Pisnoy, Unsplash

Writing: the Problem of Plenty

I have several ideas or topics in mind when it comes to writing. Because of a myriad of hobbies and interests, I can write on quite a few topics. While it may appear as bragging, in terms of content writing and positioning, this can pose a problem of plenty. You see, the audience for my posts on travel need not be interested in my work related to image compression or even Webhosting. Similarly, someone looking for a review on a SaaS product may not resonate well with Travel. A good friend of mine, who runs a digital marketing agency, told me recently that one should write on one topic only. Maybe two if one is adept, but definitely no more than three topics. And here I am, writing on SEVEN different themes! Over a period of time, my writing might settle into two or three topics as was suggested. For now, I am happy to keep writing about things that interest me. Hope this will appeal to you.
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