Where to find Royalty Free stock images for my blog?

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Someone asked this question in a facebook group recently:
Where to find Royalty Free Stock photos for my blog?
  Graphic design program such as Canva and Crello have good libraries of stock images.

I thought of adding my 2 cents, by sharing what I have learnt so far.

Websites, apps and other resources for getting great images for your blog of forum 


image of Bengaluru skyline in Yelahanka, taken by Amar Vyas
You can take your own images with your smartphone. I took the above image back in 2017 from my apartment.   Image hosting and sharing sites are a great source of royalty free or creative commons images. Pexels, Pixabay, wikimedia commons, Unsplash, archive.org, metropolitan museum…Jay Mantri, Flickr, creative commons…Depending on use, there are options galore.
Taking screenshots of your own computer, sofware or devices is a good way to create a photo libary.
For Mac, worthwhile to buy Zoommy or similar app. It searches from 15 odd royalty free/ creative commons sites and lets you choose the best.Or, one can go to images.google.com, under tools, filter for the relevant license- allowed for commercial use.

Social Media sites are a treasure trove of images.

Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter have huge image libraries, if you reach out to the poster, many agree to let you reuse images (with proper credit). I recently discovered that Pocket (on Firefox) can be a good source of images with attribution. Today, they indexed a blog on Smithsonian Magazine about Moby Dick, with a nice feature image from Wikimedia Commons. Below image source: Pocket
Image of Moby Dick from Wikimedia Commons, Blog of Amar Vyas
You can read the article here


Your bottleneck can soon become time spent in choosing:-) best wishes in selection. —–

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