Books that I plan to Write by 2023

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Urban, Sophisticated (Sequel to NRI: Now, Returned to India)The Learning CurveNow, Returned to BharatUnderworld Startup Coming soon: How To Publish Your Book in India My first nonfiction book is Titled The Social Media Alphabet In this book, we will discuss the major Social Media Sites that marketers in general and authors in particular need to keep track of.In March 2016, I had recorded a podcast episode titled “Alphabet For The Social Media Manager“. This book is based on this podcast and the discussion that followed. The premise is that there is atleast one social media site for every letter of the English Alphabet. You can listen to a short audio snippet on Clammr by clicking here Update Sept 2021: Originally I was supposed to publish these books by 2020. No excuses, I over committed and did not keep up.
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