January 2021 Blogging Summary

In this post, you will find my blogging goals for February, and lessons learned from January 2021.

In this post, you will find my blogging goals for February, and lessons learned from January 2021.
Update February 2022: You can track the progress of my blogging for February 2022 by visiting here.


In the previous month, that is January 2021, I published 21 different blog posts that totaled over 18,000 words. What can I learn from the past month and apply to my blogging goals for February 2021?

Developing a Writing Habit: What I wrote and published in Jan 2021

I kept track of my blog posts on a daily basis at two locations: Blogging tracker on this blog

If you look at the data, most of my posts were published on this very blog. The topics I wrote about are centered mostly around web hosting and reviews. I am not a techie, but I consider myself as a hobbyist who tries to dabble and experiment and learn along the way.

Coming to the posts that I published elsewhere. One of them was about podcasting, particularly about the number of episode downloads for gaathastory. Another was a post about on LinkedIn about my blogging experience from 2020. In a way that LinkedIn post set the stage for January.

Goal Setting: What I plan to do differently in February

February onwards, I have developed a content calendar in which I will try two different things. They say that one should not write too many things at the same time. And with that in mind, I will probably stick to two things only.

  1. I will aim bring more diversity in my writing. In other words, I would write on wider variety of topics, ranging from dogs to podcasting. I will also try to publish at least one post a week in Hindi and Marathi.
  2. I want to move away from purely technical writing. This blog has a significant collection of web hosting reviews. Some posts are reviews of Software As A Service subscriptions. With these two goals in mind, let us see how February 2021 will shape up.

Taking a forced break from writing

On January, 19th and 20th. I decided not to publish any posts. This was a forced break from writing. Since January 1st, I have been practically publishing a blog post every day. Some of the posts were long, with many of them routinely exceeding 1,000 words. This made the posts way longer than my original intention. The topics that I wrote on were random, what I needed was a content calendar.While it is great to keep publishing every day.

Analytics matter

I have maintained a position that this blog is for my writing (primarily), and my preference is to let the readers discover the content. But I really needed to spend some time to take a look at the analytics. In particular, finding answers to questions like: What type of posts have been working? What do readers find interesting. The results of the same will be published shortly.

Too much of the same thing

This blog has over 50 posts on benchmarks results for different Virtual Private Servers. In other words, nearly 2 out of every 5 posts are on this topic. I did not want to do too much of the same thing, a VP advocate. This may results in boredom for the reader, worse, for me as a writer.

Way Forward : How to overcome Writers Block

The content calendar for February and March is ready, and I will start publishing my posts according to that calendar. Already, one revision was required. This post was not going to be published on February 1st. In fact, it was not going to get published at all!

The content calendar will indeed be a permanent Work in Progress in 2022. Check out the themes for blogging.

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