VPS Hosting offers in Singapore

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VPS Offers in Singapore

Since July 2020, there has been a flurry of deals for Virtual Private Servers in Singapore, in the LowendSpirit Forums. This prompted me to write this post that lists the offers for VPS hosting in Singapore posted at LES. Many of the providers have launched a ‘new’ location in the Merlion City. Hosting in datacenters in Singapore area is more expensive compared to North America or Europe, but many have managed to break that perception. They have presented offers with KVM VPS Ryzen Processors and NVMe disks, but at very low pricing. In addition, the deeply discounted NAT server by Webhorizon, and the free VPS hosting offer courtesy MicroLXC will surprise you!

Background: Why Should you have a VPS in Singapore ?

Before we discuss the offers for VPS hosting, let us take a look at what makes Singapore an important location for web hosting traffic. 

Let us take a look at Singapore as a location, why it is important to have data centers in that country. It offers great connectivity to most parts of Asia, for example, I get 45 ms latency from my city, Bengaluru. Connectivity to China, Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia is also fair. Perviously, Hong Kong used to be the preferred location for many providers in the LE world. But with the recent developments, I think Singapore, which always had great demand, has gained prominence.

Singapore is a great location for setting up your virtual private server, as this image for the modern day internet nnetwork shows.

connectivity network across the globe. Image source: Reddit

This location always had some good options when it comes to shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and even managed web hosting. Some providers such as Indovirtue, RansomIT, sometimes post offers for shared hosting or VPS in Singapore. During special sales, Indovirtue in the past have posted offers for cPanel based web hosting at the other green forum. Some of these offers had SSD high performance drives to improve the performance of the VPS, while others had Windows based VPS hosting. 

In the ‘cloud’ space, bigger players like Amazons AWS, Google Cloud, and Alibaba, offer cloud VPS hosting in Singapore. Others include Linode, DigitalOcean and recently, OVH Cloud. In the past, some providers who have posted offers for web hosting in Singapore include extravm.com for KVM VPS in Singapore), MrVM, (for NAT servers) and Smallweb (shared hosting offers in Singapore).

Singapore location for VPS seems to have found some new love


Update December 2020: My Web Hosting Plans in Singapore

As of end 2020, I have the following Shared Hosting and VPS services in Singapore:
Shared Hosting: Hostmantis and Smallweb. (The latter will be discontinued in February 2021)

VPS: NexusBytes, GreenCloudVPS (both KVM), Gullo’s LittleVZ (OVZ), and Webhorizon (NAT).I discontinued the MaxKVM service around BlackFriday 2020, and signed up the for the 12 GB plan of Greencloud VPS. This site hosts gaathastory.com.


This post has been updated in  February 2022

This post was updated on 2022-03-07