VPS Offers from Black Friday 2020 : A Reflection

In this post, I have covered in brief the various VPS and shared hosting plans I subscribed during Black Friday 2020.

Black Friday 2020 was a mixed bag for me. It was an interesting yet overwhelming experience of sorts. I renewed some offers from last year, cancelled most of them, and subscribed to many new offers including storage servers.I witnessed the Black Friday madness on Low End Talk again this year. Last year was fun. This was a little less so.At the end of the event, I feel a little irritated. Maybe not angry, just irritated.

I was irritated by:
a. Hostloc army crapping all over the deals.
b. Personal insults and threats. Wonder why the forum admins did not block new registrations completely once the first wave of Hostloc army attacked. Answer is probably greed.
c. Bots’ attacks, and so on.

The non-highlight: I might even have “won” a free VPS from RackNerd…and then I won a second time. The first one I kept for the heck of it, the second I returned with thanks. Summing it all up, it’s been quite an experience.

Black Friday 2020 VPS offers I subscribed

In the coming days, my aim is to write a review for each of these services. you may already see a couple of active links below.

  1. HostHatch Storage Server, London, UK
  2. Hosthatch VPS, Hong Kong
  3. Greencloud VPS, Singapore
  4. ReadyDedis, Mumbai, India
  5. Inception Hosting – KVM, London, IK
  6. InceptionHosting – Storage, Phoenix, USA
  7. Gullo’s Hosting – LittleVZ, Singapore
  8. Virmach, New Jersey, USA

Shared Hosting Plans

I also signed up for a couple of Shared Hosting Plans:
100 GB Shared Hosting plan by Geeksolutions,
20 GB “Lifetime” plan by Hostslick, and
1 GB Shared hosting plan by Gullo’s Hosting in Australia

Raffles or freebies Won:

In addition, I “Won” three giveaways, as follows
1. VPS in Chicago from RackNerd,
2. A Gift coupon from Nexusbytes, and
3. A Polar Bear storage VPS from Servarica

Update December 27, 2020:
Let me also add the VPS offers I signed up for during Christmas 2020 sale. These include: a 512 MB NAT in Bulgaria from Gullo’s and a “LittleVZ” – 512 MB RAM OVz in London.

Summing it all up

I was planning not to make too many VPS subscriptions this year, but ended up doing just that. Also retained three services from Black Friday 2019, including a NAT VPS and shared hosting by Gullo’s in Finland, and Shared hosting by Gestian DBI. I have written about Black Friday 2019 offers in a separate post. There is an accompanying post that covers the purchases made at other sites including Appsumo, which will be published shortly.

This post was updated on 2022-03-07