Shared Hosting and VPS Deals from Black Friday 2019: One Year Later

In this post, find the updates on the deals I had signed up for under Black Friday 2019. Learn which Shared Hosting and VPS services I retained and which were discontinued.

From the period Black Friday to Christmas 2019, I had signed up for many hosting services and plans. This was my first year and experience with Low End Hosting world. I went overboard with the options that were quite interesting and exciting including offers on the newly formed Low End Spirit forum.

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Deals Signed up for in end -2019:

Below list includes Deals upto Christmas 2019, from offers posted on both LowEndTalk and LowEndSpirit Forums.

List of services renewed from Black Friday 2019 VPS Deals

  • Gullo’s – 128 MB NAT and DirectAdmin Shared Hosting- Renewed for 1 year (Dec 2021)
  • GestianDBI DirectAdmin based Shared Hosting – Renewed for 3 years (Dec 2023)
  • FlowVPS Australia KVM VPS- Renewed Upto Feb 2021
  • Ionswitch, Dallas KVM VPS- Renewed Upto Nov 2021

Following are the services from Black Friday 2019 that I discontinued

HostHatch, London – Cancelled November 2020
QuantumCore – Cancelled November 2020
Virmach (Chicago, New York) – Cancelled December 2020
HostSlick 8 GB KVM- Cancelled October 2020
MrVM Singapore NAT- Canceled July 2020
Nexusbytes NewYork (Second Plan) – Cancelled June 2020
Hostslick (IPV6 only) – Cancelled (Update March 2022: This service still seems to be mysteriously active in my Account Dashboard for Hostslick)
ExtraVM Dallas – Cancelled June 2020
Avoro Germany- Cancelled June 2020

Following are the takeaways from Black Friday-Christmas 2019 hosting offers

  • I ended up cancelling some good offers (e.g. ExtraVM 2 core Ryzen, Avoro 2 vCPU Epyc based VPS. In hindsight, I had a problem of plenty- and these two should have ideally been retained).
  • Good variety in the offers ranging from NAT, to KVM and OVZ to shared hosting.
  • Most of the deals I signed up were from Europe or North America. Asia was sorely missing. (Black Friday 2020 made up for it)

Note that I have not included the shared hosting plans from Smallweb (Australia, Luxembourg) in this list even though I had signed up for them in November 2019.

This post was updated in March 2022.

This post was updated on 2022-03-07
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