Installing WordPress using DirectAdmin Hosting

In this post, I explain how to install WordPress on a web hosting site using Softaculous. We will use the DirectAdmin panel as an example.


If you are new to shared web hosting that uses DirectAdmin, you may wonder How to install WordPress using Direct Admin. This post and the below screenshots will help you install your first WordPress site.

Installing WordPress on Shared Hosting using DirectAdmin

On shared web hosting plans that use DirectAdmin, it is quite easy to install WordPress. I learnt the below steps by trial and error, and later watched a few tutorials. You don’t really need this tutorial- the interface is pretty intuitive. But for your convenience, I have noted the below steps: The assumption for the below steps is that you have already signed up for a Shared Hosting Plan with a provider like SmallWeb.Once the provider sends you the confirmation mail, you will received the login id and the password for your Web hosting management panel. a. Once you receive your login and password for DirectAdmin, log in to your account.
Login Screen for DirectAdmin Panel. Blog of Amar Vyas
Login Screen for DirectAdmin Panel.
b. You may have one or more domains (or subdomains) already setup. Our goal is to install WordPress for one of these domains or subdomains. c. Important Note Before you begin the installation, ensure that the DNS records and SSL certification are set up correctly. d. Now, we will begin installing WordPress on your DirectAdmin shared hosting plan using Softaculous. Scroll towards the bottom of the DirectAdmin panel, till you see an icon for Softaculous, or the WordPress Logo.
Menu options for installing WordPress using DirectAdmin. Blog of Amar Vyas
Menu options for installing WordPress using DirectAdmin
e. Click on The Softaculous Installer or the WordPress logo till you see a screen like the one below.
Selecting WordPress Install using Softaculous. Blog of Amar Vays
Selecting WordPress Install using Softaculous.
f. You will see a menu like the one in the image below: you can select the domain or subdomain, the type of connection (http or https) and (optional) the folder in which you want to install WordPress.
Selecting Domain in Softaculous for WordPress Install.
Selecting Domain in Softaculous for WordPress Install.
g. Select the admin name, password and email address for admin account
Selecting id and password for WordPress Install using Softaculous
Selecting id and password for WordPress Install
h. As you scroll below, you will see advanced options like defining the name for your database, selecting the number and the frequency for backups, etc. It is a good practice to change the database name – say add a number or a letter to the default. For backup, I have found a weekly backup with a rotation of 3 (i.e. backups for the previous three weeks)
Installing WordPress using Softaculous on DirectAdmin.
Advanced options for WordPress Install
i. Optionally, select a theme for your install. If you already have a different theme in mind- say Astra or Hello Elementor, you can skip this step.
Theme selection- WordPress install using Softaculous
It is optional to select a theme during install
j. Hit the Install button i. One the installation is complete, you will find your shiny new WordPress site ready!
Default homepage for WordPress Installation using 2020 Theme. Blog of Amar Vyas
Default homepage for WordPress Installation
j. You will receive a confirmation mail rom the host or Softaculous (it is an automated email) with your login URL, login ID and other information, etc. Keep this mail carefully. l. Log in to the WordPress admin panel to start updating your WordPress site. Login screen for WordPress installation That’s it! Enjoy your shiny new website!! — Updated Jun 2020. Feature image created using gfxdepot. Picture source: Fikret Tozak on Unsplash.
This post was updated on 2020-05-15