First impressions and mini review of VPS from Hostsolutions

Read my first impressions and mini review of VPS from Hostsolutions, Romania.


This is a short review and my first impressions for Host Solutions’ KVM based VPS from Romania.

Background:About Hostsolutions

Hostsolutions have been a popular web host on LowEndTalk. Since 2019 when I joined that web hosting forum, I kept reading mixed feedback about their service.

New Year’s Day 2021 Offers from Hostsolutions, Romania

My position about this provider changed in recent weeks. The trigger for me was the sheer number of insane offers and deals. Cociu from Hostsolutions posted them over three consecutive sales events on Low End Talk: Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year.

Reinstalling VPS Hostsolutions
One of the many KVM VPS offers
from Hostsolutions, December 2020

I decided to invest in a KVM of 2 GB of RAM and 40 gigabytes of NVMe disk. It has a shared CPU core, with about 10 TB of data transfer a month. HostSolutions offered a recurring 70% discount on the pricing. This worked out to about 12 years dollars a year, or 1 US Dollar a month.You can’t really go wrong at that price point.

About six hours after making my payment, the VPS was provisioned. But it took me nearly a day to log on to my account. The reason is that I had used a different account for placing my order. Today, I started reading up on LET that some users were getting their servers provisioned. Lo and behold, checked the email account used for registering, and there it was! VPs all provisioned and ready to use.

On a side note, my plan is to move most of the non production or the testing VPS to this email account.

Update January 4, 2021

The issues I faced earlier (VPS not booting when Operating System was changed) have been resolved. You can read about the issues below.

Nearly 2 days after the VPS was provisioned, the errors resulting during reinstallation were resolved. Considering this is a non critical service for me, and the weekend (and New Year’s in between) this was a pretty okay turnaround time. I was finally able to install Debian 10, and as on 6 AM IST this morning,

$ping -c 3

3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0.0% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 164.409/164.732/164.911/0.229 ms

Results from Benchmark Tests

Click here to view results from YABS

Mon Jan 4 02:49:02 UTC 2021

Basic System Information:

Processor : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5–2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz

CPU cores : 1 @ 2397.222 MHz

AES-NI : ✔ Enabled

VM-x/AMD-V : ❌ Disabled

RAM : 1.9 GiB

Swap : 0.0 KiB

Disk : 39.3 GiB

fio Disk Speed Tests (Mixed R/W 50/50):

Block Size | 4k (IOPS) | 64k (IOPS)

Read 51.91 MB/s (12.9k) 516.71 MB/s (8.0k)
Write 51.99 MB/s (12.9k) 519.43 MB/s (8.1k)
Total 103.91 MB/s (25.9k) 1.03 GB/s (16.1k)
Block Size 512k (IOPS) 1m (IOPS)
Read 1.63 GB/s (3.1k) 2.02 GB/s (1.9k)
Write 1.72 GB/s (3.3k) 2.15 GB/s (2.1k)
Total 3.35 GB/s (6.5k) 4.18 GB/s (4.0k)
iperf3 Network Speed Tests (IPv4):

Provider | Location (Link) | Send Speed | Recv Speed
| | |
Clouvider | London, UK (10G) | 348 Mbits/sec | 56.2 Mbits/sec | Paris, FR (10G) | 419 Mbits/sec | 273 Mbits/sec
Clouvider | NYC, NY, US (10G) | 368 Mbits/sec | 75.0 Mbits/sec

Geekbench 5 Benchmark Test:

Test | Value
Single Core | 274
Multi Core | 261
Full Test |

Comment: The disk speeds are rather good- in line with what a NVMe SSD disk should perform

Results from YABS

Yet Another Benchmarkign Script. blog by Amar Vyas.
On running YABS (Yet Another Benchmarking Script), the following details came up.

Results from for Speedtest

$:curl -LsO; bash -in

I used the -in’ flag for to check speeds from India.

Click below to find results for Speedtest

Results from

OS : Debian GNU/Linux 10 (64 Bit)

Virt/Kernel : KVM / 4.19.0–12-amd64

CPU Model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5–2680 v4 @ 2.40GHz

CPU Cores : 1 @ 2397.222 MHz x86_64 16384 KB Cache

CPU Flags : AES-NI Enabled & VM-x/AMD-V Disabled

Load Average : 0.21, 0.30, 0.26

Total Space : 40G (1.5G ~4% used)

Total RAM : 1995 MB (61 MB + 562 MB Buff in use)

Total SWAP : 0 MB (0 MB in use)

Uptime : 0 days 3:40

ASN & ISP : AS44220, Parfumuri SRL

Organization : SC Parfumuri SRL

Location : Oradea, Romania / RO

Region : Bihor

Geekbench v4 CPU Benchmark:

Single Core : 1444 (POOR)

Multi Core : 1314

IO Test

CPU Speed:

bzip2     :  35.4 MB/s

sha256 : 56.3 MB/s

md5sum : 156 MB/s

RAM Speed:

Avg. write : 575.0 MB/s

Avg. read : 1090.2 MB/s

Disk Speed:

1st run : 317 MB/s

2nd run : 264 MB/s

3rd run : 259 MB/s

Average : 280.0 MB/s


Location Upload Download Ping

Nearby 410.94 Mbit/s 376.37 Mbit/s 23.702 ms

India, New Delhi (GIGATEL) 16.77 Mbit/s 140.06 Mbit/s 158.375 ms

India, New Delhi (Weebo) 80.90 Mbit/s 238.46 Mbit/s 164.676 ms

India, Mumbai (SevenStar) 111.00 Mbit/s 128.89 Mbit/s 158.767 ms

India, Mumbai (OneBroadband) 74.61 Mbit/s 112.23 Mbit/s 141.555 ms

India, Mumbai (SevenStar) 55.01 Mbit/s 111.37 Mbit/s 158.759 ms

India, Bengaluru (I-ON) 44.48 Mbit/s 17.55 Mbit/s 165.757 ms

India, Bengaluru (Activline) 16.85 Mbit/s 41.37 Mbit/s 155.516 ms

Finished in : 9 min 6 sec

Timestamp : 2021–01–04 03:11:27 GMT

Saved in : /root/speedtest.log

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results from Speedtest for Hostsolutions VPS in Romania

Teething Troubles with Hostsolutions VPS from Romania

The welcome email which announced that my VPS had been provisioned actually said, “Your Dedicated Server has been Provisioned”. The list of errors and omissions began from then on. I had ordered a VPS with Debian10, the provisioned server came with CentOs7.

Screenshot Showing failure of boot

Hostsolutions VPS service is filled with errors and issues. Blog of Amar Vyas
The curious case of disappearing server

VPS Comes to a Dead Halt.. and then revives

Someone in LET had had mentioned that when they tried to install Debian10, the VPS refused to boot. Unfortunately, I was able to replicate this issue successfully. Ticket was promptly raised, now awaiting their response. issue was resolved.

Summing it up

The hardware is okay, it was the network speed that was disappointing. Speeds were literally in double digits. Expected speed was the low to mid 100’s of megabytes per second. It is likely that a lot of people may be either running benchmarks or hammering away with resource intensive activities. This includes torrents, ISOs etc. Geekbench four and five both failed when running CentOS. This was not a matter when using Debian10.

This was a mini review of VPS by host solutions. I shall update this post once things start running a little better.

This review is a part of the VPS offers from Holiday sales, 2020. You can find similar posts from Index page where my other reviews are catalogued.

This post was updated on 2021-01-02