Creating a Backup Site with ClassicPress and Gridpane

WordPress 5.6 update on my website which uses Gridpane- caused some errors. I used this opportunity to create a backup site for my blog using ClassicPress on Gridpane.

This afternoon, an upgrade of the main site ( to WordPress 5.6 resulted in some un-anticipated challenges. I use Gridpane, for managing the website, and the wordpress auto update has been disabled in the Gridpane control panel. Due to this setting, when the Content Management System got upgraded, the WordPress dashboard was no longer accessible.

I tried the usual recommended steps: disabling pluging changing theme to the default 2020 theme, and so on. But to no avail. Here is a discussion on WordPress support site on similar issues. I cleared Nginx Cache through Gridpane, CloudFlare Cache, and also tried changing theme on more than one occasion. Each time, I was faced with the same result. Finally, I changed the ip of the primary site to a backup site, and it opened a pandora’s box. Turns out that the DNS entries weren’t correctly configured in CloudFlare. Which in turn led to errors with SSL, and so on.

Fortunately, I recalled a conversation in the Gridpane Facebook group about this issue. Lo and behold, it was a matter of toggling a switch to “off”. In the advanced tab of the security settings under the Gridpane menu, you can disable xmlrpc, install.php, emojis, etc. using a toggle switch. If you disable upgrade.php, and then upgrade to WordPress 5.6, you will encounter the error I experienced.
Gridpane have updated their Knowledge Base about this issue.

Update December 18, 2020:
The backup site I had created with ClassicPress did not work out. That is, the WordPress/ClassicPress dashboard began to display funny errors. The front end, howeer, was accessible. I decided to do a clean install of WordPress and use All in one WordPrss Bakcup plugin or Updraft Plus to make a copy of this site and use there. More on that in a separate post.

Error in display of WordPress Dashboard. Blog od Amar Vyas
Error in display of WordPress Dashboard

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