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WebHorizon VPS- Testing new Intel based KVM in Singapore

  • VPS Review
  • 6 min read

Abdullah from WebHorizon posted a call for testers on LowEndSpirit for a new Intel Xeon based VPS line in Singapore. Testing a server in Singapore is always a pleasure- I typically get 40-45 ms in results when I run ping test, which are one of the lowest among all the servers I have tested. Only ReadyDedis in Mumbai or Digital Ocean in Bengaluru are faster, for obvious reasons.The testing involved the VPS setup process, accessing the features through Virtualizor, and finding quirks or bugs if any. But first, here are the specifications of the VPS I tested:

KVM VPS-6G Singapore
3 x Xeon E-2276G CPU @ 3.80GHz
6144 MB DDR4 ECC Ram
50 GB NVMe SSD Disk
750GB Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps
DDOS protection included
1 x IPv4 address
It is £7.5/month billed quarterly after the trial

Setting up the Test VPS

I messaged Abdullah on LowEndSpirit and he set up the system for me, I simply had to log on the Virtualizor control panel and check things out.

Teething Troubles

The setup was not without its troubles. Initially, there was no option to upload custom iso’s. This still remains, but is partly alleviated by ability to boot from netboot.

ipv6 is not available for this service yet, with no specific timeline indicated for its availability. Finally, while using netboot option, the configuration for networking had ot be done manually, In other words, if you did not know what you were doing, you would end up with a screen like below:

Screenshot of Virtualizor Dashboard- VPS by WebHorizon in Singapore. blog of Amar Vyas
Netboot- VPS by WebHorizon in Singapore
Screenshot showing Disk memory for Singapore VPS by Webhorizon.Blog of Amar Vyas
Fixing the network configuration error in Netboot.
Update: This problem has been resolved as on Dec 18, 2020


Screenshot showing UFW Firewall setup.Blog of Amar Vyas
Setting up UFW Firewall.

Benchmarking the Intel based Singapore VPS

I will post the results from nench (dd speed test) and (network speeds) only. Because this post also covers the overall user experience and not just the VPS.

dd Disk Speed Test

dd: sequential write speed
    1st run:    759.12 MiB/s
    2nd run:    828.74 MiB/s
    3rd run:    773.43 MiB/s
    average:    787.10 MiB/s
Review of VPS : WebHorizon Singapore.Blog of Amar Vyas
Review of VPS : WebHorizon Singapore
Results from Speedtest- WebHorizon VPS in Singapore. Blog of Amar Vyas
Speedtest Results- WebHorizon VPS in Singapore

Results from for speeds to select Asian Cities

 OS           : Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid (64 Bit)
 Virt/Kernel  : KVM / 5.9.0-4-amd64
 CPU Model    : Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2276G CPU @ 3.80GHz
 CPU Cores    : 3 @ 3791.998 MHz x86_64 16384 KB Cache
 CPU Flags    : AES-NI Enabled & VM-x/AMD-V Enabled
 Load Average : 0.04, 0.02, 0.00
 Total Space  : 48G (1.3G ~3% used)
 Total RAM    : 5948 MB (73 MB + 322 MB Buff in use)
 Total SWAP   : 979 MB (0 MB in use)
 Uptime       : 0 days 0:2
 ASN & ISP    : AS59210, PhoenixNAP
 Organization : 
 Location     : Singapore, Singapore / SG
 Region       : 

 ## Geekbench v4 CPU Benchmark:

  Single Core : 5816  (EXCELLENT)
   Multi Core : 13959

 ## IO Test

 CPU Speed:
    bzip2     : 157 MB/s
   sha256     : 253 MB/s
   md5sum     : 700 MB/s

 RAM Speed:
   Avg. write : 4949.3 MB/s
   Avg. read  : 9147.7 MB/s

 Disk Speed:
   1st run    : 835 MB/s
   2nd run    : 821 MB/s
   3rd run    : 857 MB/s
   Average    : 837.7 MB/s

 ## Asia

 Location                         Upload           Download         Ping   
 Nearby                           876.35 Mbit/s    908.05 Mbit/s    2.059 ms
 India, New Delhi (GIGATEL)       156.87 Mbit/s    125.75 Mbit/s    74.755 ms
 India, Mumbai (SevenStar)        277.89 Mbit/s    281.88 Mbit/s    62.256 ms
 India, Bengaluru (I-ON)          308.46 Mbit/s    464.83 Mbit/s    40.120 ms
 Sri Lanka, Colombo (Telecom PLC) 160.44 Mbit/s    315.03 Mbit/s    68.723 ms
 Pakistan, Islamabad (Telenor)    111.22 Mbit/s    442.76 Mbit/s   103.363 ms
 Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar (Mobicom)  112.54 Mbit/s    108.03 Mbit/s    91.896 ms
 Bangladesh, Dhaka (Skytel)       109.23 Mbit/s    127.64 Mbit/s    84.761 ms
 Bhutan, Thimphu (Bhutan Telecom) 14.70 Mbit/s     74.49 Mbit/s    276.757 ms
 Myanmar, Mandalay (Ooredoo)      62.66 Mbit/s     136.81 Mbit/s   229.186 ms
 Laos, Vientaine (Mangkone)       156.13 Mbit/s    212.45 Mbit/s    68.379 ms
 Thailand, Bangkok (CAT Telecom)  148.09 Mbit/s    316.14 Mbit/s    56.466 ms
 Cambodia, Phnom Penh (Smart)     183.97 Mbit/s    542.10 Mbit/s    34.685 ms
 Vietnam, Hanoi (Viettel)         214.95 Mbit/s    451.03 Mbit/s    59.095 ms
 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Extreme) 278.28 Mbit/s    752.39 Mbit/s     9.822 ms
 Singapore (PT FirstMedia)        890.92 Mbit/s    935.69 Mbit/s     0.873 ms
 Indonesia, Jakarta (Desnet)      285.32 Mbit/s    402.19 Mbit/s    12.694 ms
 Philippines, Manila (Globe Tel)  18.16 Mbit/s     16.43 Mbit/s     52.159 ms
 Hong Kong (fdcservers)           216.52 Mbit/s    346.72 Mbit/s    37.010 ms
 Taiwan, Taipei (TAIFO)           216.53 Mbit/s    327.30 Mbit/s    55.832 ms
 Japan, Tsukuba (SoftEther)       190.11 Mbit/s    171.03 Mbit/s    77.922 ms

 Finished in : 9 min 49 sec
 Timestamp   : 2020-12-20 09:53:32 GMT
 Saved in    : /root/speedtest.log

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Final Thoughts on Singapore VPS by WebHorizon

Testing a new product or service is always fun. There is a lot to learn, much to test out, and always nice to report back errors and omissions to the developers or creators- so that other may benefit. This experience did just that. From the network configuration for netboot, to booting via iso…. there have been some quirks. But others have been addressed at the time of writing. The VPS looks solid, with some good benchmark numbers.

This review is a part of the series of Benchmark and reviews for Virtual Private Servers. You can find similar posts from Index page where my other reviews are catalogued.