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LXC Virtual Private Server by Terrahost

Terrahost are a Norway based webhost, who have been around since 2006. They offer VPS and dedicated servers, as well as colocation. In this review, I will write about their 1 GB LXC based Virtual Private Server (VPS) offered for US $ 13 a year.

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I had seen a few of their offers on LowEndTalk (LET) in the past year, but had never considered signing up. One issue was the conversion rate charged by PayPal. Terrahost invoices are in Norwegian currency, and even though 10 Norwegian Krone (NOK) are roughly 1 US Dollars, in Rupee terms, that works out to more than 82 Rupees- or nearly equal to a Euro. But their offer in the 4th of July sale on LET of 120 NOK was just under 1,000 Rupees a year including PayaPal fees, and I pulled the trigger.

Features of the LXC VPS

1 Core
1Gbit port


Once the VPS was provisioned, it showed the CPU to be:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz


[email protected]:/tmp$ free -m
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 1024 14 984 0 24 1009

Account setup at Terrahost

The website is in Norweigian, but an English version is also available (click the flag of UK at the top right of the screen to get the English version). While signing up, I did not choose for the English version, and I ended up finalizing the order without choosing a payment type. But the auto mailer from Terrahost, gave me details for the server management portal (Enigma). I was able to add PayPal and make the payment. So far, so good.

The Enigma Server Management Panel

Dashboard for Enigma Management Interface- Terrahost. Blog of Amar Vyas
Dashboard for Enigma Management Interface

Even though the website says the the provision will happen quite rapdly, I was expecting the server provision to take some time. After all, I had finalized the order on Sunday morning India time/ late Saturday night in Norway. To my surprise, the provisioning took about half an hour.

I did send a private message to “Terrahost” on LET and let them know that I had paid for my order number xxxx, and their reply was rather quick. As a matter of habit, I mention my LES or LET handle in the order, so that in case of any issues (Payment not going through or order getting flagged), I can track it in addition to the ticket.

Choosing Operating System for Server

Selecting OS- Terrahost's Enigma Interface. Blog of Amar Vyas
Selecting Operating System in Engima VPS Management Interface

Running the Benchmarks

I was mainly interested in the connectivity speeds to the VPS from Bengaluru. The speeds for Bengaluru were okay. I have seen worse speeds from other locations in Europe or North America. What surprised me is the super slow speeds to Mumbai. It could be a localized issue.

Screenshot showing Speedtest- Asia Result from Blog of Amar Vyas
Speedtest- Asia Result from (Yet Another Benchmarking Script) test revealed the CPU and the memory in addition to disk speeds. Lets’ say I am not complaining!

Geekbench 5 test could not be completed because the script kept giving errors.

Results from

The results from were quite similar, and along expected lines.

Results from benchmarking test for Terrahost VPS
Results from test

Error while running Geekbench 5

Error for Terrahost VPS while running Geekbench 5. Blog of Amar Vyas
Interestingly enough, I got an error in YABS as well as while running Geekbench 5

Summary: Terrahost LXC VPS

It is early times yet, but I am quite impressed with this VPS. When I reinstalled the VPS with Debian 10 (the above tests were run on Ubuntu 18.04) I was a little remiss- there is no way to set up a password for root or any user account. The problem can be overcome by saving the ssh key through the Enigma management panel interface.

Next, I will try to set up Webinoly on it, and install a Content Management System of CMS. That will be a future post, for another day.

Update Dec 2020: I have successfully configured this VPS with Gridpane (their documentation says that only KVM servers are supported, I was able to get this LXC server integrated with some hiccups). The Terrahost VPS servers as a backup for this blog.

On the next page, you will find some more screenshots form the Terrahost VPS setup and benchmarks.

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