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ReadyDedis VPS in Mumbai

ReadyDedis posted an offer on Low End Spirit and Low End Talk about their new Mumbai location. I was intrigued. Good, reasonably priced VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans in India are few, and for a while I have been looking at an option of a VPS in Mumbai.  I do not have any servers in India, because the price to specifications ratio does not work well typically. In recent months, this has changed – two other offers for a VPS in Mumbai were posted by Cloudjiffy and Nexaracks recently. (read my benchmarks of Nexaracks VPS ) This offer added a third option.

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VPS Plan by ReadyDedis, Mumbai location

I had received some good feedback about ReadyDedis from one of my current VPS providers. A peer level feedback is always a good thing, and that was one of the triggers to sign up. Pricing tier is 4 US Dollars per month or 40 Dollars if paying annually for base plan, i.e. the plan I chose for my testing.

Specifications under this plan are as follows:

1 vCore(s)
1 IPv4
500GB @ 1Gbps

Pricing plan for Cloud- 1 GB plan by ReadyDedis, Mumbai. Blog of Amar Vyas
Pricing for the VPS used in this post

The VPS is hosted in Webwerks datacenter in Mumbai.

Signing-up Process

Signing up process was quite standard, I selected the plan, named the server, entered root password, and chose the Operating System. I prefer Debian 10 usually but for testing and benchmarking of VPS purposes, I use Ubuntu. The default install in this case was Ubuntu 20.04. I changed it to Ubuntu 18.04 because I wanted to use either Runcloud or Gridpane for testing with a WordPress install. Alternately, I may use Webinoly.

ReadyDedis use a Hypervisor control panel, which is developed by them in house. The server provisioning was very quick- less than five minutes after the order was confirmed.

Using the Hypervisor Panel

The interface for Hypervisor panel is clean and intuitive. For a first time user like me, it is extremely easy to use. Below are some images of setting up the VPS and basic configuration before diving into the benchmarks. Click on the below images to see larger version.

Image Description
Hypervisor Panel by ReadyDedis-Setting up VPS. Blog of Amar Vyas Creating a VPS in Hypervisor
Hypervisor Panel by ReadyDedis - Processor Information. Blog of Amar Vyas VPS Information in Hypervisor panel
Hypervisor Panel by ReadyDedis - Custom Recipe. Blog of Amar Vyas Using custom recipe in Hypervisor panel for VPS
Hypervisor Panel by ReadyDedis- Setting up Firewall. Blog of Amar Vyas Setting up firewall in Hypervisor panel

Benchmark Tests on VPS

Below is the information about the processor, memory and disk:

Results from lscpu command in Linux for finding processor information. Blog of Amar Vyas

Results from free-m and df-h command in Linux for VPS. Blog of Amar Vyas

YABS benchmark on VPS

Lets run Yet Another Benchmarking Script (YABS)

curl -sL | bash -s

Results from the test are seen in the image below

Results from test on VPS by ReadyDedis. Blog of Amar Vyas

The VPS hung on and I had to restart the VPS. I will dig into the logs later to see what went wrong.

Results from on VPS by ReadyDedis. Tested by Amar Vyas

A user commented in one of my earlier posts that I should also include in my reviews. Below are the results from using the “Asia” option.

curl -LsO; bash -Asia

Results from test on ReadyDedis VPS. Blog of Amar Vyas


Our final test involves running test.

Results form test on VPS by ReadyDedis. Blog of Amar Vyas

Summing it all up

I have been looking for a VPS in India or Singapore region for some time. But so far, the pricing or the specifications did not meet my expectations. Maybe this VPS will change that. As I keep testing the system out, it may validate my feeling or otherwise.

The bandwidth (500 GB) may seem underwhelming at first. It did to me. But if you use a CDN, that may not be an issue. One example is, one of the CDNs I use for serving images for this blog. This service offers 100 GB monthly quota in its base “free” tier. I also use Publitio, which gives 500 GB of transfer per account.

The processor (Intel E5-2683 v4 @ 2.10GHz) is not a rocket that will take the benchmark tests into the stratosphere. But it should be good enough for a steady, stable, pack mule. But for the price point of 4 US dollars (INR 320 including Paypal fees) for the base tier or Cloud 1 GB plan, this is a good buy.

Thanks to ReadyDedis for feedback on a previous version of this post.

Update March 2022: I have discontinued all services with this provider.