Relaunch of this blog and website

In this post, author and podcaster Amar Vyas talks about his motivation behind re launching site, his blogging goals and a brief history of this site.

Introduction: Relaunch of this site and blog

Welcome to the new and improved website for a more real start in which is my writing website for my main site, please visit, . You may wonder why there are two different sites. The reason for that is simple. (This page was created using a speech to text program, and has several errors which I will correct within one week of publication of this post)

History of this blog

Back in 2014. When I first created my auto website. I was using this domain. I’m going to start, and I will add some screenshots courtesy wayback machine in the notes that follow. Back then it was a site hosted on a shared hosting plan of GoDaddy. It was a WordPress site with a rather interesting Nanica theme that we purchased off of theme forest leader, I moved my blog to And it became In 2017, towards the end. I actually stopped using this domain, and for a year, this domain was sitting idle. In the meantime I purchased domain and plan to set it up as my primary auto website. Rather than somebody else, using our verse, Miss using this domain, I decided to buy it again, and set up this site. After much thought, and experimentation. Thoughts included redirecting this domain to the domain. Secondly, using this as a landing page for something else. Maybe a future book or using it, using the template from one of the page builders, or a single page site for portfolio showcase or something else altogether. I also considered using this for my guitar podcast, because there was a period of time where in the to me my guitar got iron was squatted up one. And then we had to use the other one, my guitar dash Ironically, the latter is now no longer available. So, with these ideas in mind. I decided why not use this domain and the site as a blog, based on our lightweight content management system, wherein the main thing I would do would be, write down my thoughts. And maybe the best of these could go on the main site as a weekly blog. My goal is to write every day, on this site. Today is March 9 2020. It’s a festival of Holi. So first of all, wishing you a very Happy Holi. Banner image of fruits.Blog of Amar Vyas

Going Forward: Goals for this Blog

My goal is that for the next 45 days at least for the next hundred days, I will write or publish one blog post every day. On this site. I have tried this a couple of times in the past with limited success. What I believe is going to be different this time around is number one. I am using speech to text for recording my thoughts, including this blog post itself, which really makes the process of putting your ideas onto pen and paper, or in this case, onto a digital screen. Really, less cumbersome. Secondly, I can record. Two, or possibly three posts, at a time. That way, I can build up a good inventory over a period of time. So far I have recorded four shows. This is the first one, which will be published. Finally, by using a lightweight content management system. And I tried with hotmail site match it also considered October, CMS, though, whether it is lightweight or not is debatable because it does use a MySQL database. I also tried with Beckett strong yellow finally decided on graph.

And here we are, even within graph by tried a couple of different themes. And finally use one of their custom skeletons, or pre existing templates to sectors. Why so because I wanted to spend minimum time in customization and tailoring the interface, or the look and feel. To my needs. Rather, I simply wanted to go with my writing more than that. In subsequent posts. Once again, thank you for reading this introduction post, and I hope to see you alone, the next hundred days of this journey.

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