The Rise of Ryzen Powered Virtual Private Servers

Typically, desktop CPUs have not found much acceptance in the server world. The Ryzen Processors from AMD seem to challenge this trens. Read more in this post by Amar Vyas

The rise of Virtual Private Server with Ryzen CPUs has gained prominence acceptance and increasing adoption over last several months. Web hosting forums, tech blogs, and websites of hosting companies mention multiple offers for Ryzen based VPS’es. These days, you are more likely to find a Ryzen powered VPS offer in the United States or Europe. In more recent weeks many such VPS plans have emerged from Asia.

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Desktop Processors: Second Fiddlers in the Server World

Before the advent of these CPUs, desktop CPUs played a second fiddle in the server market. In the server world, Intel based CPUs, particularly the Xeon series have ruled the roost in recent years. Over 90 percent of the providers in the VPS space, from resellers to even cloud computing behemoths, rely on these trusty Xeons.

There were some offers for VPS using “Desktop CPUs”. But these offers mostly designed for the low spec, low price market. The server enthusiasts and system administrators typically treated them like a poor cousin.

Market acceptance of Ryzen Powered VPS

Advanced Microelectric Devices (AMD) launched the Ryzen 3700 series of processors and later the 3900 series in 2019. The arrival of the Ryzen processors led to a new phenomenon in the server world. Which is, more and more providers are offering server hosting plans using virtual private server with Ryzen.

What makes the Ryzen processors so special?

When we consider the resource demands from a server grade CPU, some requirements are:

  1. Reliability
  2. Robustness over a long term period of time
  3. Ability to handle peaks in loads
  4. Number of threads and cores that are available
  5. Finally, energy consumption: at the end of the day, operating costs have to be within reasonable limits.

For the majority of use cases, AMD Ryzen checks the above boxes. Another factor is price: The Ryzen CPUs cost much less compared to the Intel Server CPUs. This is true in even in case of their own cousin, the AMD Epyc processors. These processors may feel under powered for servers that perform CPU intensive operations, like modelling or high frequency trading. The Ryzens are no match for intense graphical or mathematical computing needs. A server that uses GPUs (Graphical Processor Units) might be a better fit for such tasks.

Image graphic about AMD Ryzen. Blog of Amar VyasSource: Pixabay
Is the hype around AMD Ryzen processors worth it?

Nexusbytes’ Journey with Ryzen Powered Virtual Private Servers

As far as I am aware, Nexusbytes is probably one of the first web hosts to offer Virtual Private Servers using Ryzen CPUs. When I had tested their servers back in October 2018, the hardware only consisted of Intel powered CPUs and associated systems. But towards late 2019 and early 2020, they upgraded their Virtual Private Server hardware. Depending on the location, they have ryzens in either the 3700, or 3900 series. The migration to the new processors led us to believe that these processors had a lot of potential. And that providing VPS offers with these processors made a strong business case. They offer Ryzen powered VPS in 7 locations across three continents. If you visit their home Page, you will find the following choices:

United States (New York, Miami, Los Angeles)

Europe (UK. Note that orders from Germany are not available presently)

Asia (Singapore and Tokyo)

This post was updated on 2022-02-18