The Household With Four Operating Systems

Like many families, ours is a household with multiple operating systems: 4 to be precise. Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.  I finally agreed with my wife that it is time to cut that number to three by the end of the month, and down to two before 2015 ends.  If we exclude the operating system in the TV, the Ninetendo Wii, my old Nokia feature phone and a few other devices, there are four different operating systems for the various devices in the house. Then there are three laptops that run Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10 respectively, and a fourth one which runs on Linux (Ubuntu). My wife uses an iPad mini, and our phones run on android: she uses a Nexus 4, while I have a Xiaomi Mi3. The reason I am writing  on this topic is as follows: For writing the sequel to NRI: Now, Returned to India, I wanted to use Scrivener, which of course does not have an app yet, so the tablet and the smartphones were of no use. It took me quite some time to set it up on the laptop running linux, which at that time was my main laptop. Then came Windows 10. I am liking it so far, and plan to use it going forward. Which means I had to install Scrivener on the windows laptop as well. Time that could have been spent on writing- spent on setting up software on laptops. grr.. Each operating system comes with its upgrades and patches, and majority of them are several hundred megabytes in size, the apps on the ipad and the android phones also require frequent updates, which again takes up time and data. So I have finally decided that I will consolidate. Two operating systems at the most by the end of the year, by when we will get rid of all the laptops. Till then, I will be using Dropbox for files, Carousel for photos, evernote OneNote for my notes, and google docs for all other work. And Skype and Audacity for interviews for the podcast I am planning to launch shortly. Every other app can wait.
This post was updated on 2015-07-03