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Blogging Challenge 2022

Blog posts published by Amar Vyas as a part of Blogging Challenge – 2022. You can track the progress for the February 2022 edition at :
Logo for Libreoffice. Blog of Amar Vyas

Office Suite Journey: Staroffice in 2000 to Libreoffice Web Version, 2022

This morning I read a news update about LibreOffice, the free and open source office Suite. They are in the process of releasing web based version. For this, they will use a technology called LOWA. The development is in early stage at this point in time. I believe a demonstration was given earlier, during the meet of free and open source software developers meeting (FOSDEM). Reading the article from Makeuseof, and looking at the web based interface brought back a flood of memories.

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Conclusion of February 2022 Blogging challenge and Way Forward

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  • 5 min read

Welcome to Day 28 of the February 2022 blogging challenge. Today is a Monday, and the theme for Mondays is on podcasting under “MyPod Mondays”. I will be publishing a separate post on my podcasting blog, something that I haven’t done for the past two weeks. I had planned to publish 500 words every day. For the two months (January and February) I exceeded my word count, even though I was not able to publish one post for each day. This year, my goal was to publish at least one blog post of 800 words, for every calendar day.In other words, the target was to publish 28 blog posts of 800 words each, which brings the total to around 22,400 words. As of yesterday, I had published 25 blogs totaling 24,500 words. Additionally, there are four posts are scheduled, to be published. They were written in the previous weeks, but they all require some updates or minor tweaks.

Feature Image- Review of Zoho Workplace by Amar Vyas

Using Zoho Workplace for gaathastory- my Six Month Review

Welcome to Day Number twenty Seven of my Blogging Challenge. For today’s SaaSy Sunday, read my brief review of Zoho Workplace. It has been six months since we took the subscription. We have used Zoho Mail for over 6 years for our business. Around July last year we took the subscription for Zoho Workplace, a suite of SaaS (Software as a Service) tools for office communication, document management and customer connect. I was thinking of posting my impressions on using Zoho Workplace sometime next month. Last Sunday, I had written about Zoho Writer, therefore publishing the below review at a later time made sense. But a conversation on an Internet Forum changed that.

Feature Images used in Blogging Challenge 2022

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  • 1 min read

On Friday, I thought of publishing a Collage- an image gallery- of images used as Feature Images for the #bloggingchallenge. You can enlarge each image by clicking that image.

feature Image: Andras, Unsplash. blog of Amar Vyas

Why you should consider image optimization for your website or app?

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  • 7 min read

The below post was created using by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) bot at In this article, we will teach you how to optimize images for the web without losing quality and the file types you should be using. Here are six key strategies you can use to optimize your image files, reduce page load times, and improve user experience.

Image for Blog post on CDN. Blog of Amar vyas

An overnight saga with file permissions for images while setting up CDN

Welcome to Day 24 of my Blogging challenge. For today’s Techie Thursday post, let us take a look at an issue that I faced while setting up one of the two *final* CDNs or Content delivery Networks for this blog. In a nutshell, I successfully uploaded thousands of pictures to a web folder, from which the images would be delivered to the website. In the process, the settings for the file changed, which could have caused a security issue. Four hours of effort wasted, but important lesson learnt. Check the damn permissions before uploading the file on the Internet!

Feature Image for Webby Wednesdays. Blog of Amar Vyas

Consolidating Multiple Web Hosting Services

Welcome to Webby Wednesday, today is the 23rd day of this month long Blogging Challenge. In this post, I will talk about consolidating different web hosting services. Recently, I listed down the web hosting plans and services we have; including shared hosting, VPS and SaaS hosting providers. It is time to start culling the non-active services, and consolidate the plans with a few selected providers. This applies to hosting, email and cloud storage. Learn how I ended up with multiple services, what is their expanse, and how I plan to consolidate them.

How to create a Podcast using Artificial Intelligence Tools

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  • 8 min read

Welcome to twenty First Day of my daily blogging challenge. Today is Monday, and theme is MyPod Mondays. Let us take a look at an exciting development in podcasting!
Today we will discuss, a site that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to create podcasts. I have written about this tool in the past in other places, but not on this blot. In a way, you can consider this post as an update. And what an exciting update it is!

Writing Apps for Mac.Blog of Amar Vyas

Zoho Writer offers many features that you will love

Welcome to Day 20 of my blogging challenge. Today’s post is a hybrid. The first part of this post is what is known as a listicle. I began writing this post as a compilation of writing apps on the Mac that are used for blogging. I decided to use Zoho Writer for this post. As I began using this tool, I discovered many of its features.This second half of this post highlights some of the features that you will love about this app.

Image showing a pair of Sandals. blog of Amar Vyas

A lesson I learnt about Sustainability by spending 200 Rupees

Welcome to day number 19 of this blogging challenge. Today is a Saturday, and our theme is Sustainability. I wanted to share a recent incident that taught me the value of repairing a pair of footwear. Today’s post is about a pair of Bata sandals that was purchased from Amazon a few months ago. After several months of heavy use, the soles needed to be replaced. While I did end up getting them repaired, what I learned from this whole experience and helped me to throw away another pair that could have been repaired. Does it sound paradoxical, and confusing? Read on to learn the lesson I learnt recently.