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Testing OpenLiteSpeed Server on a small VPS

Using the ols1clk command, I was able to set up WordPress on a “free” VPS or Virtual Private Server from Virmach. I created this subdomain to test WordPress installation on an openlitespeed server.

Typically, this machine costs US $ 3 for 120 days. The specifications of the machine are: 512 MB RAM, 15 GB SSD Drive and an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 v2 @ 2.50GHz.

However, during an offer on LowEndTalk, I practically got shit VPS to play around with for 4 months, so I installed Ubuntu + OpenLiteSpeed + WordPress on it. In the coming days, I will monitor the performance of this site and more importantly, the resources it uses.

Images form the installation


About ols1clk

From the OpenLiteSpeed site, you can install the script and add parameters for user name, password, version of PHP, etc. All this can be done in the installer script itself, thus you are able to configure a WordPress installation in a single command. To set up this site, I used the following command:

wget && bash –lsphp 80 –wordpressplus -A password -e [email protected] –wpuser username –wppassword password

–lsphp 80 means using PHP 8.0 with litespeed

–wordpressplus means a complete install of WordPress (with the domain)

-A means password for administrator

-e is the email address for admin

–wpuser and –wppassword are self explanatory.

You can find the detailed list of commands here.

Server resources on a fresh OpenLiteSpeed install

Server Resources 1 Hour after install

Additional information about this site

I chose to use the GoDaddy “Go” theme for this site. For images OpenLiteSpeed gives access to Quic CDN by default. (Read my post and review on However, I opted for Shortpixel Adaptive Images. I already have subscription to Shortpixel, and the CDN use was lying idle. This way, I get to use it.

Update: I used EWWW image optimizer– there is an Appsumo deal going on for this plugin at the time of writing. I thought it was a good time to test this plugin, in case I decide to get the deal.

What is next for this site or blog?

At this time, I am not sure. This VPS subscription terminates automatically after 4 months. Therefore, I do not have grand plans for this server installation or this site per se. In the days to come, will retain this blog on my Blogspot blog for posterity. Or my main blog at Time will tell. For sake of sanity, this installation and configuration will be backed up by EOD July 5th, using Updraft Plus or similar. (Update: I used All in One WordPress migration plugin for backup)