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My short take on “lifetime” deals for SAAS Products

Lifetime Deals for SaaS (Software As a Service) Products

In the past few years, there has been an explosion of sites offering “lifetime” deals for SaaS (Software As A Service) products. Dealify, Dealmirror, SAAS Avatar,LTD Hunter, Facebook groups like Martech and LTD are some of them. Of course the more well known ones also exist – Appsumo and Stacksocial.

There has been a pushback in the communities that discuss or exchange ideas, reviews and coupons for such Lifetime deals. Many founders have balked on the original terms of the deals, some have closed shop, others got acquired. In many cases, the service simply became abandonware.

My experience in buying or subscribing to Lifetime SaaS deals.

Subscribing to Lifetime SaaS deals is not everyone’s cup of tea for sure. And I totally get that.It has been a mixed bag, mostly positive for us – personally for this blog and for our podcasting business, I will largely talk about storage deals below, but also provide a specific example of a SaaS proving very effective. Overall, it has been well worth the money, Or as they say in Hindi, “Paisa Vasool”. 

I had posted the below as a message in LowEndSpirit forum earlier, Below is the expanded and updated version of that post.

Pcloud and Koofr are solid, great interconnection with gdrive, dropbox, OneDrive. And also have good integrations with webdav/rclone. Both have good upload/download speeds and sharing with other’s.

Many products offer Lifetime deals on their own sites- pCloud being one of them.

We run our podcasting file exchange completely off of Koofr. (One of our editors still prefers Wetransfer, we hope some day they will fall in!)

I have invested in dud lifetime deals. Not proud of some. Thunder drive and Rethink being two of them. Latest addition: Publitio shafted their early adopters. Grr..

But on an average, more deals have worked out well, ROI achieved typically in 12 months and I saved on labour cost because of automation. On that note: still happy with “lifetime” web hosting of 2 years on.

Case in point: how a Lifetime Deal worked out for us

Because of a certain requirement, we had to re edit nearly 1,000 podcast episodes. Adding new intro, outro, call to action. And re encode for higher bitrate. I had a LT deal subscription for the latter (Bouncecast). Set a batch process, batches of 20 audio at a time; was done in 3 days. Our original time estimate for this work was 2 weeks and involved hiring 2 contractors, btw.

As for the first part (adding new intro/outro/call to action)- best solution in town does not have a lifetime. Happy paying a monthly subscription.

Summing it all up: Are Lifetime SaaS Deals worth it?

In recent times, if you check lifetime SAAS sites (appsumo, stacksocial…) and related FB forums you will see more and more cases of abandonware or founders balking on original deal. So the charm and the market for LT deals might have outlived its utility.

What has been your experience with SaaS Deals, particularly those purchased form deal aggregator sites?