Alphabet for Social Media Marketers episode 6

This is an episode from out now-defunct podcast, Digital PowWow With Kiruba and Amar. I thought of adding this episode in a podcast meant for authors for one simple reason- everything we discuss here is relevant to authors, and applicable too!   Introduction: In this solo episode of the Digital PowWow with Kiruba and Amar, Amar talks about something that he came up with: The Social Media Marketer’s Alphabet. A couple of weeks ago, Amar was looking up some information on social media sites as a part of his research for the podcast. He noticed an interesting pattern- the names of the sites began practically with every letter of the English Alphabet. He doodled up a little sheet which he called The Social Media Marketer’s Alphabet, and this podcast episode came out of it. Discussion If one looks at the social media sites, one can notice something interesting: These sites practically represent every letter of the English language alphabet. Sometimes, the name of more than one popular site begins with a given letter. the list goes as follows: A Alexa Alexa provides analytical insights to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web. Single page where you can consolidate upto 8 different social media profiles. Here is Amar’s page B Baidu Chinese webservices company (China’s Google??) C Clammr Twitter for audio- provides upto 24 second summaries of audio clippings. Listen to the Clammr of this episode By following this link D Disqus Discussion on news. Science Fiction included. Digg Digg features the videos, and original content that the web is talking about right now E Ello Ad free alternative to facebook and F Facebook No explanations required here ? Flickr Online photo and video sharing, courtesy Yahoo. Kiruba has over 7,000 pictures on Flickr. G Google (Google Plus) As some of my friends call it… Google Baba. Need I say more? H Hi5 Social networking site Hike One of the many mobile based apps for chat, text messaging, voice calls, file and photo sharing, and more. I Instagram Site to share photos and videos, courtesy facebook. J ? K Kakao Phone based app for voice, text chat, yada yada… Kiaxin001 Chinese Social Media Site L LinkedIn The social networking site for professionals Line Free voice calls, text messaging… yes, there are more such apps in this list. M Medium Blogging site for individuals, professionals, companies. Mouthshut Reviews and Rating site with a large user base from India. N Nimbuzz Voice calls, text messaging, photo sharing.. you get the idea. O ? P Pinterest The world is my gallery. Create pin boards or collections of pictures. Periscope App for live streaming of video. Twitter owns this company Q Quora We covered Quora extensively in episode 5 of this podcast. R Reddit Reddit was not in the original list due to oversight. Site for user generated news. Renren (Another) Chinese Social networking site S Snapchat Video and photo sharing site with over 6 billion photos and videos generated per day??? Skype Internet based calling’s original wonder boy app Slideshre This LinkedIn owned company is THE place for sharing slides of all shape and form. T Twitter Twitter..Twitter.. Little Star. Where the starts of all types, geographies, professions post little messages. Tumblr Microblogging platrofm to post videos, audio, blog posts and more. Courtesy Yahoo Tripadvisor Kiruba and I discussed Tripadvisor at length in episode number 1 of this podcast. U ? V Vimeo Site for posting ad free HD videos Vine Site for entertainment professionals featuring 6 second clips Viber Internet based calling, etc.. This Rakuten owned company has over 600 million users. W Whatsapp App to send text, make voice calls, forwarding messages, jokes, and videos that are often irritating. Wattpad Place to share and read stories Weibo Twitter for China. Narendra Modi has a weibo account too! X Xing Social networking site for Professional – focus on non English speakers, particularly in Europe and China. Y Youtube I call it the online theather for the world. Yelp Site for leaving reviews and ratings. Z Zomato Reviews, look for food menus, ordering, rating…
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