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Tom Morkes is the founder of Insurgent Publishing, and he is an expert in How to Create a Marketing Campaign for books. He wears multiple hats- an ex armyman, an author, an entrepreneur, a world traveler, a trainer, husband and a podcaster. He is the founder of Insurgent Publishing and is the author of the Art of Instigating,Pay What You Want Pricing and many other books. Run a google search for marketing campaign for books and you will find Tom. He has made podcast appearances on Entrepreneur on Fire, Writer 2.0, and Bestselling Fiction podcast, among others. His guest posts on Goinswriter, and an insightful writeup on Business Insider about how he earns an income while traveling around the world on are interesting reads.

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Discussion with Tom:

  • Tom Morkes believes in creating value for people. His first published book is the Art of Instigating which is listed on Amazon and it is free – as in the customer can pay whatever price they feel for the book. He attended a conference of Seth Godin where he was inspired to write and publish a book in 30 days. He packaged all the the notes from the conference and converted it to book called as Revolution Conference.
  • Tom decided to publish the book through because it helps him connect directly to the audience.
  • Tom has started a podcast called “In the Trenches”. It began with recording an interview that he put it on an mp3 on the website but Jeff Goins suggested to set it up as a podcast.
  • He is inspired by underdogs as they are resistant fighter along a particular cause and they survive. Inspired by the line in the Terminator movie ” If you are listening to this, then you are the Resistance”.
  • In order to overcome his fear of writing and publishing he started Insurgent Publishing which is mainly marketing and publishing which traditional publishers do not do. Tom has helped market the books of famous celebrities like John Lee Dumas’ The Freedom Journal , Jeff Goins, and John Naster.
Insurgent Publishing assists the author in developing a strategy for book launches, email list, speaker engagements, sharing of courses, featuring in newspapers and sales funnel etc for a launch.

Marketing Campaign for Books

  • Book Blitz was a platform to increase organic sales and market for authors through more connections . So it was a social and commercial platform.
  • Tom believes in “create more value than you capture”.
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