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Blogger, Bestselling Self-Published Author Rasana Atreya ep38

Bestselling Self-Published Author Rasana Atreya has written Tell A Thousand Lies, which was shortlisted for the 2012 Tibor Jones South Asia award. UK’s Glam magazine calls this novel one of their five favourite tales from India (June 2014). Her other works are The Temple Is Not My Father(also available as an audiobook), 28 Years A Bachelor and Valley Isle Secrets. When she is not writing, Rasana is an advocate for self-publishing. She has been a part of many panels at various literary festivals across India. She also has a blog on self-publishing, where she also warns about various scams in self-publishing.

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Discussion On Rasana’s Self-Published Journey

  • Rasana began writing upon her return to India. Her blog was started with the intention of giving back to the community especially the budding writers. As a new author had faced a lot of hardships. This was largely due to lack of information about self publishing in India. In her blog she has been vocal about the difference between the quality self publishing companies and the vanity publishers.
  • Rasna has been an active participant in many literary events. While she believes that writing is an isolated act and she herself is an introvert, such platforms give great exposure and help in networking. She recommends that new authors especially the introverts can try to network through such events.
  • Rasna also presses on the fact that people are not much aware of self-publishing and end up identifying it with vanity publishing.
  • Though her first 3 books have been in rural India setups, but she doesn’t have any plans to keep this as a constant factor.
  • Rasna is probably the only independent (Self-Published) Indian author who has released a box set of books for sale on Amazon. She admits that the numbers of box sales in US and India be it on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo, or any other platform are relatively same. Her suggestion to new authors is that they should focus more on box sets sales especially if they are keen to build on download and leadership.
  • Rasana is very clear that family comes first and then comes writing.
  • She is very active on her facebook groups and suggests that s suggest that authors must have a presence on social media however cautions them that sometimes social media tends to take a lot of writing time.
  • Rasna is not just an author herself, she is also the mother of published author. Her daughter’s book “Mosquito And The Tea Pot”was launched at Hyderabad literary Festival.
  • For Audio books, Rasna believes that one must give up on micro management once they have identified suitable narrators for their book. She herself gave up on self recording the book as she wanted to utilize her time on writing.
  • Translation is certainly on cards and for Rasana, but she believes that the translator should understand the original manuscript and be able to carry the essence into the translated language.
  • Her advice to new authors: they should get their book(s) properly edited and proofread.
  • She feels that in the days to come being an author will be a tough task because of pressure to promote and market it. Personally she feels that she will drift a little from promotions and focus more on writing.
  • Rasna is the India ambassador of AllI – Alliance of Independent Authors. She advocates self-publishing and finds it as a part of her duty to alert the fellow writers about different scams and hardships.
  • Her Book recommendation: her book Tell a Thousand Lies as it has received a lot of acclaim and also books written by Anjum Hasan.
  • She believes that audiobooks have a great potential along with ebooks. Authors must experiment with this format of books as well.

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