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V Raghunathan has written and published book in multiple genres. He is an academician turned banker who is currently the CEO of a non profit. He dons the hat of a columnist and is an author of 14 published books. His academic affiliation was with IIM, Ahmedabad (1982-2001) as a Professor of Finance & Accounting, banking association with ING Vysya Bank as its President (2001-04) and corporate/Foundation role is with the GMR Group since 2005. He also heads the India Campus of Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada, where he is an Adjunct Professor as well. He has been teaching annually at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy, since 1990.Collecting old and antique locks (as in pad locks) is his serious hobby , has played chess at all India level and have done a bit of cartooning for a national daily briefly and some competitive sketching in the past. Apart from these, he has flirted with a vintage car (a 1937 Austin 7) for a few years, occasionally fixes mechanical clocks and travel a good bit.

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Discussion: Writing in Multiple Genres

  • V Raghunathan discusses his journey as an author , academician, banker and his interests in locks and mathematics .
  • He is a fellow from Indian Institute of Calcutta in Finance and was a Professor of Finance and accounting at Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad for close to 20 years. During his stint in college, he has taught Raghuram Rajan(the RBI Governor of India) as well as bestseller author Chetan Bhagat who had written a chapter on one of V Raghunathan’s books.
  • V Raghunathan has written 14 books in non fiction, fiction genre as well as children’s rhyme books while managing several roles.
  • His book Games Indians Play ( 2006) is a book to understand the Indianness of Indians .He uses the props of game theory and behavioural economics to provide an insight into the difficult conundrum of why we are the way we are.
  • His 2 children books Minva aur Dumpua ke kartoot and Minva and Dumpua ke karname are rhymes in Hindi(24 in each volume) for kids . The rhymes were made during his morning walks close to a decade ago.
  • The inspiration for publishing the rhymes is not only to bring about a fresh supply of Hindi nursery rhymes to the extant kiddy literature, but also to keep the child in every adult alive.
  • He believes that in India most parents prefer English over Hindi books for their kids . Most of the kids books available in the Indian market currently are dumped from the eastern European market. V Raghunathan seconds this as he got interested in reading since his childhood mainly through Russian kids books as well as books on mathematics and physics.
  • V Raghunathan believes that printing, pricing, distribution etc for books in regional languages has multiple challenges and through audiobooks it can reach the intended listeners in their native languages.
  • His Business books: Stock Exchange , Investment and Derivatives(2007) imparts a basic understanding of the manner in which stock exchanges function, especially in India. His second book :Strategic Corporate Finance with Prof J.R.Varma of Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad talks about the worst financial crisis of 1997 and 1998 and the impact of such crisis on corporate sector.
  • His third book on Finance : Portfolio Management with Prof J.R.Varma and Prof Samir Barua of Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad deals with the elements of security analysis and modern portfolio theories. The fourth book Managing Alternatives comprises select case studies published in Vikalpa, The Journal for Decision Makers, brought out by the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
  • V Raghunathan’s book Don’t Sprint the Marathon ( 2006) talks about parents who often push their children to excel in ways that may help them achieve some early successes – but may sap their stamina to endure the more difficult challenges which life may throw at them. His book The Corruption Conundrum and other Paradoxes and Dilemma (2010) talks about paradoxes in our day to day life. One reviewer said “ Indian Martin Gardner who writes so entertainingly and charmingly, you may not realize you are learning.’ Robert Schaefer in New York Journal of Books “.
  • His book Ganesha on Dashboard (2012) which he co authored with M.A Eswaran talks about how educated, smart and tech-savvy, Indians can be surprisingly unscientific in their daily lives.
  • His book Locks Mahabharat and Mathematics :An exploration of unexpected parallels( 2013)- talks about what could possibly be the common thread running through locks, the Mahabharata and mathematics?
  • His book Duryodhana( 2014) tries to explore if Duryodhana was all evil or had shades of grey?
  • His book Beyond the Call of Duty (Harper Collins 2015) talks about dozen odd British gentlemen who were just ordinary men who did some extraordinary work in India and for the love of Indians, but who sadly stand forgotten today .
  • His favourite book is his own book Locks Mahabharat and Mathematics and his alternate career choice would be an automobile restorer.
References mentioned in the podcast: Links to V Raghunathan’s Books in multiple genres: V Raghunathan, Author of book in multiple genres, on MyKitaab Podcast You can learn more about his book on Flipkart Locks, Mahabharata And Mathematics : An Exploration Of UnexpectedParallels (English) Stock Exchanges Investment And Derivativ : Straight Answers to 250 nagging Questions (English) 3rd Edition
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