Why Should Quora be in Every Digital Marketer’s Toolkit episode05

Introduction: In this podcast episode, Kiruba and Amar discuss how Quora can be an effective tool in a digital marketer’s toolkit. Quora is a site where users pose questions and experts provide responses. Founded in 2009, this site is a treasure house of information on a variety of topics ranging from technology to relationships. Marketers such as Updesk use this site for targetted marketing. Entrepreneur Jaya Jha, Co-founder of pothi.com, uses this site for reaching out to the community. Balaji Vishwanathan is a superstar on Quora and has created a personal brand. Executives such as chief learning officer of GE are very active on this site. Kiruba discusses the history of Quora and the facebook connection of the site’s CEO. Amar and Kiruba provide their recommendations on why marketers should and should not be present on Quora. Discussion Points: Companies such as Updesk which serve niche markets such as standing desks are using Quora for targetted marketing. A representative from Updesk reached out to Amar when he had posted about standing desk on a discussion page in Quora Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Pothi.com Jaya Jha is one of the most viewed contributors on Quora on Book publishing. She considers the site to be a great way to engage with the community. Vijay Anand of the Startup Center provide answer related to entrepreneurship on Quora. Balaji Vishwanathan is a Superstar on Quora. He has answered nearly 2,900 posts, has over 150,000 followers, and has over 95 million views for his profile. He has been able to build a brand and a tremendous following using this site. He has also authored 16 books on Quora. The CEO of Quora, Adam D’Angelo is the fomrmer CTO of facebook. He posts his responses on his Twitter account Quora can be a great alternative to Glassdoor.com, for users to get information on work culture, compensation and interviewing with multiple companies there. HR managers should watch Quora closely. Chief Learning Officer of GE and founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, are very active on LinkedIn and Quora. 40 percent of users on Quora are from India. However, Indians use Quora to seek information, very few provide answers to the questions. Those marketers who post answers can differentiate themselves from the competition. Top Three Resons Why Quora Could be a Useful to Marketers Quora can be a great source for cross posting or repurposing content and amplify the message. Posts on Quora rank very high on Quora The site is a great way to track the conversation about a particular company, brand, industry, etc. This information could be very useful to company executives. Two Reasons Why Quora Might Not Be Effective If the answers posted by the marketers are fluffy and not really addressing the question asked or the issue. Focus on Depth of the answer versys breadth. Quora is not a place to get quick returns in terms of sales. This site is about long term relationships and branding. Above all ,this site is a social networking site. To increase influence and following, users should follow others. Call to Action: Links and references: Amar’s post on Quora about standing Desk Listeners please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher and leave us a review.
This post was updated on 2016-03-02