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Our Podcasts have received Multiple 5-Star Reviews on iTunes till date!

We create exceptional audio experiences for our customers by giving a voice to their brand and creating the best in class podcast series. We provide podcast production, distribution, audience engagement, audience analytics and reporting services.

We also consult with brands who want to launch their own podcast.

Audio brings a new flavour to high quality content. Storytelling in audio is an innovative marketing solution which can increase engagement and maximize ROI for customers.

Kamakshi Media began operations in January 2016, with the goal  to create highest quality audio content in English as well as regional languages of India, and find innovative ways to distribute them. We create custom shows for businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs.

As of October 2016, we produce three podcasts: Baalgatha (Childrens’ stories distributed over WhatsApp), MyKitaab (Book Publishing in India), and NRI:Now, Returned to India(Audiobook). All three podcasts have been featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy and have received multiple 5-Star reviews.

Reviews for Our Podcasts

Between the Three Current Podcasts, we have received nearly One Hundred 5-Star reviews on iTunes worldwide.

Reviews for MyKitaab- Book Publishing in India

Click here to find the latest reviews for MyKitaab Podcast

Take your book global!

by The Medicare Nation, United States

If you are an author and you’d like to get your book published in India, this is the show for you! Don’t bypass this show! Expand your business!

Excellent podcast!

by Karan Bajaj01, United States

Amar is a terrific interviewer. Very well-researched, considerate and thoughtful. I highly recommend his show.

Great resource for authors!

by T. Basu, Canada

Great podcast Amar! You’ve created an excellent resource for authors and book publishers. Really enjoyed your interview with Joanna Penn. Keep up the great work!

Informative and Inspiring!

by Youngman Brown (Michael Young), United States

MyKitaab is an informative podcast for publishing in India. Amar has a wonderful voice and gets to the heart of the matter with guests.

Reviews for Baalgatha- Ageless Stories for Children

Click here to find the latest reviews for Baalgatha

I love these stories 

by CoffeeRules,United States

Each story teaches something new to my kids. I subscribed and will listen to those with my kids. Intentional Beings

Totally Using this with my Kids

by dannytay92,United States

Such a great cast and idea. We need more of this. My kids will love this, and any adult secretly loves story time. Thanks for such a great show!

 Totally awesome!

by AKScribbler,India

Can’t wait for more of these. Perfect bedtime stories.

Reviews for Digital PowWow- Digital and Social Media

Click here to find the latest reviews for Digital PowWow Podcast

Very Informative!
by Small Business Blitz,Australia

An informative show on how digital marketing and social media can help a business grow! Excited to hearing new episodes!

Social Media Insight

by Bruce at Mindfulness Mode,Canada

Great ideas on how to improve my social media skills. Love the practical advice on exactly how to get good results from my on-line efforts every day. Thanks

Awesome Podcast!

by Andrew.Berkowitz United States

Anyone small business owners not utilizing social media NEED to listen to this content!

Really well done!
by Nick @ Five Minutes With Dad,United States

Love the focus here on businesses in India! It’s pretty true that social and digital strategy depends a lot on particulars of a business and location. A lot of people make mistakes trying to squeeze into a one-size-fits-all strategy.