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Double Episode: Ruchira Khanna and Mukesh Gupta Part II ep 79

About Mukesh Gupta

Mukesh is the Author of a book titled “Your Startup Mentor”, the first and only business Poem available on Amazon. He calls himself a Corporate Rebel, Instigator, Change Agent & an Early Adopter of technology. In his past avatar, he was a founder-CEO of a retail start-up. He is currently involved in managing multiple communities and a Design Thinking Coach.

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  • Mukesh considers himself an early adopter of technology, that is he always wants to try what is new and what more is possible with an existing product or technology.
  • Mukesh works in Product development for an IT company. He had started his own company, but he shut it down because he was not able to create an impact. Now he helps software developers in marketing their software products.
  • He believes in sharing what he has learnt  so far. He does it through his Podcast: Pushing Beyond the Obvious. Blog: Musings of a Salesman. His Book:  Your Startup Mentor also captures the process of launching and shutting a startup. (Mukesh is the second guest on MyKitaab Podcast who has published a poetry book. Amanda Jones was a recent guest.)
  • Mukesh was inspired by Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet, and he has based his book in a similar setting. He has also been inspired by short books that convey a strong message: The One Minute Manager, The Alchemist, etc. This is the reason why he did not approach a traditional publisher for his debut book.His next book is the story of a person who is a product manager who is appointed as the CEO of an IT organisation with a mandate to transform a service organisation into a product organisation which can create world class products. This book is a nonfiction book written in the form of fiction. His book deals with issues like leadership, managing a team, the product development process, etc.
  • Mukesh felt what the subject of his book would have a greater impact if he wrote it as a fiction.  The central theme of the book is transformation of the book and the individual. Mukesh cites the example of The Goal by Eliahu Goldratt, which is also a management book written as a fiction.
  • Pushing Beyond The Obvious is a podcast launched by Mukesh, which helps entrepreneurs in succeeding int heir endeavours. His focus is to help entrepreneurs who have reached a certain stage in their business, but want to take it to the next level.

Five For Five
Book Recommendation: Fiction- The Alchemist Fiction: Thinking Fast And Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Book Preference: He likes to listen to all three formats (print, e-book and audiobooks)

His advise to debut authors: “Go Self-Publish Your Book.”

Ways to Contact Mukesh

Ways to Contact Mukesh: @rmukeshgupta

Blog: Musings of a Salesman

Podcast: Pushing Beyond The Obvious