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Publishing Rights and Rights Transfer- Manasi Subramaniam, Harper Collins ep70

Manasi Subramaniam, Commissioning editor and Rights Manager at Harper Collins India, conducted a master class on publishing rights during Publishing Next 2016. During the masterclass, she talked about translations, film and other rights for books. Manasi also gave examples of how the B2B books rights process works at Book Fairs.

You can listen to Manasi’s Session by clicking below.

Key Takeaways on Rights

Copyright is the expression of an idea. Valid unto 60 years form death of the creator.
Split: Trade: 40%; education/academic publishing: 60%
English: 45% Hindi-25%; other languages- 30%
India second largest book publishing market in world, with 30% per annum growth
90,000 books are published in India in 24 language. Over 9,000 publishers are actively publishing books, 900 out of these are trade publishers.
Book has been written by an author, published by a publisher who holds subsidiary rights
Translations, Distribution (e.g. for Sri Lanka),Reprint, Paperback rights
Film rights, audio rights, theatrical rights, television

Other rights:
Transmedia: apps, video, interactive ebooks, website, interactive worlds, digital games
Sci Fi, Fantasy, children’s books
Author gets the rights back if a book is out of print for a certain period of time.

About Manasi: (Profile from Publishing Next)
Manasi Subramaniam is Commissioning Editor and Rights Manager at HarperCollins Publishers India. She commissions, originates and acquires literary and commercial titles at HarperCollins, and has a significant international acquisitions list. In 2014, she set up the children’s imprint at HarperCollins India, Harper Kids. In 2015, she set up the crime imprint, Harper Black. In addition to commissioning and acquisitions, she oversees the domestic and international rights strategy, including the buying and selling of translation rights and publishing licenses all over the world. She works closely with the HarperCollins global strategy team, which enables publishing across 18 countries simultaneously.

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