How to Manage a Corporate Career and Write Bestsellers: Mainak Dhar ep66

Listen to author and Corporate Executive Mainak Dhar talk about his book writing journey, managing a Corporate career and staying productive.

Mainak Dhar is a Corporate Executive and a Bestselling Author .In this interview, we talk about writing habits, managing work-life balance, bookwriting as a passion versus a career option, productivity, book marketing, and writing across genres. Mainak also talks about how he writes on flights, and the influence of his family (his grandfather and parents) on his writing.

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Discussion with Mainak Dhar

  • Mainak developed a love for reading because his family kept traveling because of his father’s work
  • He sold his first book to his friends in school when he was eleven. His inspiration was a quote by Stephen King.
  • Mainaks and his friend co-authored a book on the Economic History of India when he was a student in college.
  • “Cubicle dwelling” helps him understand people. He does not see his corporate career as an inhibitor to his creativity. Corporate sector helps people understand what makes people tick.
  • Mainak does not believe that an “author from an Indian Institute of Management” is necessary the reason for success of several bestselling authors who have a corporate career. It is the discipline, the planning, the adhering to timelines that helps them.
  • He uses a spreadsheet to track his writing progress and meeting his goals.
  • Mainak runs for an hour everyday, writes for half an hour, and he also writes when he is travelling.
“A writer’s block is all in your mind”.
  • Impact of daily habit of writing: author Chris Kennedy writes 500 words every day. In one year, that translates to 180,000 words or nearly 3 novels.
  • The Funda of mix-ology was Mainak’s first fiction book.  He received 54 rejections for his book. This book was ultimately published by a publisher in Delhi.
  • Mainak became a columnist for, which helped him become a disciplined writer.
  • “When you make it personal, you are putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.”
  • Mainak’s grandfather was a freedom fighter, his father was a Government official.
  • 03:02 is Mainak’s latest book. He has written in thriller, science fiction, and nonfiction.

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