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Kiruba Shankar is an entrepreneur, author, teacher, and a farmer. He is the CEO of BusinessBlogging, a social media consulting firm. Kiruba has 20 years of work experience in the digital domain. He is the recipient of the ‘Digital Entrepreneur of the Year 2012’ award from India Innovation Forum. He also heads Vaksana Farms, a farming venture. He has varied interests including photography (over 7,000 photos on Flickr and counting!) and podcasting: he is the host of where he interviews exceptional leaders. Kiruba has written five books, including Wikipedia for Beginners, Crowdsourcing Tweet , Unconference and Copy -right -left. His latest book is titled First Book, which is a compilation of the best advice on writing from authors who have together sold millions of books.He has written columns for Financial Express, New Indian Express and Deccan Chronicle. He has taught at Great Lakes Institute of Management, IIM Bangalore, IIM Kozhikode and BIM Trichy. Kiruba has offered his latest Book, titled First Book, as a free download to listeners of MyKitaab Podcast in exchange for an honest review.

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Discussion With Kiruba Shankar

  • Kiruba Shankar discusses his journey from his engineering college days, to the dot com bust of early 2000s, working with Sify and Sulekha, his 20 year career in social media, organic farming, and Creative Commons.
  • Kiruba comes from a farming family, and he went back to his agrarian roots because of his daughter.
  • He lives the Oh Yes or No philosophy of Derek Sivers and does things only which interests him or he is passionate about and believes a person can learn a lot from his mistakes apart from the successes.
  • In December of 1999, he made a bucket list of things, one of it was becoming an author. His inspiration was drawn from his college days when he was an editor of his college magazine. He started his writing journey by writing articles with the local newspapers with lots of rejections and edits and thus he decided to publish it as a blog on website which was quite new in those times.
  • His mentor in writing told him “Writing is a book is like eating a pizza”. One has to relish every bite of it along with the ingredients i.e. an author has to enjoy every bit of his writing experience and will have to give 100% to it.
  • India ranks among the Top 5 countries in the world in accessing Wikipedia but ranks 120 in contributing content. i.e. Indians are good in taking content but bad at giving back. This motivated him to write his first book Wikipedia for beginners .
  • He starts his book writing process by envisaging the book cover, blurb, 3D image etc which gives him a reality check as well as researches on his target audience before the book writing.
  • He consistent habit of writing 500 words every day has been instrumental in writing several books inspite of wearing several hats.
  • His experience of publishing through traditional route had added little value which prompted him to start an inhouse publishing for his own book .
  • He believes that in a country like India translation is a very powerful idea as it will be easily available for anyone to read and benefit all i.e. readers, publishers, distributors etc .
  • His second book Copy -right -left is based on creative commons explained in a simple way. He believes the best way one can gain and benefit from knowledge is by sharing it.
  • His third book Crowd sourcing tweet is on crowd sourcing as a means to gather funds. He believes book is an excuse to learn the subject deeper.
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