Writing Mystery Books and Managing Startups. PR Ganapathy ‘Guns’ ep37

P R Ganapathy, better known by his nickname Guns, is a management executive who has held important leadership positions with some Indian and Global Corporations in India and the United States. He is currently investing time in giving some wise unbiased advice to budding social entrepreneurs and is the Co-Founder of Menterra Venture Advisors. He is the author of Two Crime/Mystery novels, The Anza Deception and The Sympathy Wave.

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Discussion Points with P R Ganapathy “Guns”

  • Guns talks about his interest in writing, and how he decided to set the plot for his novel in India when he had originally conceptualized while he was in the United States.
  • He talks about the importance of networking- in professional life and more particularly how authors can benefit from it.
  • Guns narrates his experience with Hachette and Westland for his two books, and recommends that authors must analyze who they choose as publisher.
  • His books have received good reviews, but that has not translated into sales at the levels he was expecting. (He was looking at five figure sales of his print books). His learning / recommendation- book sales require a lot of marketing effort. Time permitting, he might consider re-launching the Anza Deception.
  • P R Ganapathy advises new authors to take professional help from editors to raise the quality of their writing and encourages aspiring authors to Read more and more to hone their skills.
Ways to Contact Guns Links to Books Authored by Guns

The Anza Deception by P R Ganapathy or Guns

The Sympathy Wave by P R Ganapathy or Guns

You can find his books on Flipkart: THE SYMPATHY WAVE The Anza Deception (English)
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