Writing and Publishing Indie Fantasy Series: Garrett Robinson ep61

Garrett Robinson is an,author, filmmaker and podcaster talks about writing and publishing indie Fantasy Series . He has authored 12 books till date, including the Nightblade and The Academy Journal Series. His latest book The Firemage’s Vengeance: A Book of Underrealm (The Academy Journals 3) released this week (July 2016). We talk about his career journey from audio production to filmmaking to now bookwriting. We also discuss his writing habits, experience in publishing a book in India through Pothi.com, benefits of writing a fantasy series, his plans to launch a fiction podcast, and his upcoming books. Announcements:
  • Amar’s New Book, Mera Bharat MIHAAN (based on the MIHAN Airport Development Project in India) is getting close to its release. Starting next week, MyKitaab Podcast will become a weekly show. The News and Analysis cast and the interview will be merged.
  • The Audio narration of NRI:Now, Returned to India, a Fiction novel by Amar Vyas (book I in the Amol Dixit Series) is available on Audioboom.
  • MyKitaab Podcast will be the podcasting partner for Publishing Next, the annual conference on the future of the publishing industry in India. Scroll further below to see the facebook post mentioning this partnership.
You can listen to this interview by clicking on the white arrow in the image below. Discussion
      • Garrett worked in the areas of sound recording, camera work and sound work before he became an author.
      • Garrett has started setting daily productivity goals to help him improve his writing. His wife is supporting him in this endeavor. In his words, “The Key to being a successful author is to have an amazing wife.”
      • He is the third guest on MyKitaab Podcast who has a Youtube channel. Joanna Penn is another author who has a YouTube Channel.
      • Garrett prefers to write Fantasy novels (he has genre hopped in the past). His books include the Nightblade series in the Underrealm World.Nightblade series features a girl from who becomes a thief but she realized that she is not very food at her chosen profession. The Academy Journals is also a part of this series.
      • The advantage of writing a series is that the readers stick with you once they turn into fans. Selling box sets is easy to them. Garrett is a fan of fantasy genre himself.
      • He is planning a fiction podcast in the time to come. Because of his background in sound recording, he believes that if once can produce a professional quality audiobook, the authors can approach Audible directly.
      • Garrett’s books are available in print form in India. He used Pothi.com to publish them.
      • Book Recommendation: The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
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