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Bhaavna is the bestselling author of The Deliberate Sinner, which has sold over 100,000 copies since its release. Her second book Mistress of Honor has also received positive reviews. Bhaavna has two MBAs and a PhD in leadership. Before turning into a full time writer, she was an academic and later the Director of a Business School in Bengaluru (Bangalore). She is a movie buff, and a vocal supporter of issues related to the armed forces including One Rank One Post. You can find Bhaavna’s official biography on her Author website or on her Goodreads Author Page

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Discussion: Path to becoming a bestselling author

  • Bhaavna comes from an Army background and has greatest admiration and respect for the armed forces. This is evident several times during the podcast discussion.
  • Bhaavna’s manuscript for The Deliberate Sinner was rejected by Penguin before Srishti Publications accepted it. She became a bestselling author and Penguin wrote to Bhaavna saying they wanted to work with her.
  • Bhaavna had to change the manuscript for the Deliberate Sinner because of pressure from her mother. The original script had the protagonist in a live in relationship, but Bhaavna had to change the protagonist’s status to a married woman. Her mother was concerned that if Bhaavna wrote about Live In Relationships in her book, she will find it difficult to get married.
  • It was the intervention of Bhaavna’s grandmother (mother’s mother) that resolved the matter.
  • The Deliberate Sinner has received overall positive reviews, mostly positive, even though some of them are not so flattering. It is normal for any book to have a distribution of 1 star and 5 star reviews.
  • Her second novel, Mistress of Honour, was in fact the first manuscript that she had written. Penguin wanted her to write a book on a topic similar to the Deliberate Sinner, but Bhaavna put her foot down. Two days after receiving the manuscript for Mistress of Honour, the editor at Penguin gave the go ahead to publish the book.
  • Bhaavna spent nearly 9 months in researching for the book, because she wanted to make her story as authentic as possible.
  • Just like her debut novel, Mistress of Honour is also based on true incidents and has received a lot of inputs from serving and retires army officers. In fact, one paratrooper sent has a message on Whtsapp while he was hanging from a tree somewhere in Northeastern India.
  • While negotiating the deal for Mistress of Honour, Bhaavna insisted that she should get Shoba De’s editor and book publicist.
  • During the discussion, we spoke about how the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan (click on the link to see the trailer for the film) had incorrectly portrayed Shah Rukh Khan, who plays an Army officer, riding a motorbike without a helmet.
  • Mistress of Honour was released by Lt. Gen. HS Panag (Retd), and he agreed to release the book only after his wife had read the book and given the green signal. In that sense, Bhaavna’s book passed the “Litmus Test”.

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