Online Story Sharing with Upliaterate: Ben Wurth ep13

Ben Wurth is the founder of Upliterate, an online site where authors and readers can engage and interact. Upliterate is Ben’s third startup. He is an alumnus of John Paul The Great Catholic University in California. Upliterate aims to help amateur authors get their books published.

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Discussion with Ben Wurth

  • Ben’s previous startups aimed to help creators create their work. His first startup was started when he was in high school. His second startup he was an artist and an editor.
  • Ben Wurth is a native of Ohio in the United States, he moved to California for education.
  • He defines Upliterate as “ a website that helps ameteur authors to write their stories, build a readership as they are writing and help them publish their book.”
  • Upliterate is still a work in progress site; though it was launched in November 2015. The site will be fully functional (including ability to sell ebooks online) in the coming months. Selling print books via crowd funding medium is also in the works as a print on demand option.
  • Ben pitched the idea to his business professor, who advised him to pitch the idea to his college’s entrepreneurship program, He spent one year developing the site and was the co-recipient of the business acumen award from his school.
  • Upliterate sponsored Nanowrimo 2015, and the association with Nanowrimo has proved very fruitful.
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy alongwith Young with young adult are the genres that Upliterate is looking at predominantly. In terms of age, authors between the ages 16 to 25 are the target authors. Majority of the users are expected from the United States.
  • Quote from Ben Wurth, President of Upliterate
    Ben Wurth
  • Registration is using an email address. Sign-up through Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus is in the works. Non- English languages are on the roadmap, but over the mid to long term. The cost of modifying website to suit different languages is prohibitive.
  • The book recommended by Ben Wurth is Story by Robert McKee (who is a screen writer for films). In Ben’s opinion, the principles and the tips in the book are applicable to books as well as game creators.
  • Ideal members of Upliterate site are an author who is willing to share their story and readers who are willing to engage with the authors. Ideally, authors who are readers.
  • Ben is an avid gamer and a lover of video games. He believes that authors can enhance their creativity by playing games. His favourite game is Journey by “That Game company“. It is based off Hero’s Cycle by Joseph Campbell. The soundtrack for the game is the only soundtrack that has been nominated for Grammy Awards.
  • He would like to find his next favourite book on Upliterate.
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