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AVIS Viswanathan, Life Coach, Speaker, Author ep43

Avis Viswanathan, 48, is a Life Coach, an Inspired Speaker, Happiness Curator, Author and organizational transformation consultant who leads change management, culture and leadership development mandates in the corporate sector globally. He is currently a Principal Consultant at A V Initiatives, a Specialist Consulting Firm that inspires Workplace Happiness. He is the author of the book Fall Like a Rose Petal.

Avis is a well-known and acclaimed speaker whose talks invoke soul, provoke thought and inspire action among the audiences he addresses. In the past, Avis has been ranked among the Top Ten Motivational Speakers in India by The Week magazine. Avis is also a mega fan of MegaStar Amitabh Bachchan and loves Hindi film music. Every Sunday he hosts a quirky QUIZ on Facebook that’s insanely popular among his friends world-wide. Avis lives in Chennai, India. He’s married to Vaani, his soul-mate and business partner. They have two children – Aashirwad and Aanchal.

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Discussion with AVIS

  • In his previous avatar, Avis Viswanathan was a journalist and then he began his life as an entrepreneur. His venture ran into financial troubles and he owed over 1 million US Dollars to his creditors.
  • He began writing down his life’s experiences in a journal, which eventually formed the basis for his book. On his son’s birthday, he gifted the notes from his journal to his son, and Avis’s wife and son encouraged him to write this book. The book eventually evolved from 1500 letters Avis wrote to his children over the years.
  • Avis had heard many horror stories of getting the books published . He set out looking for publishers with two conditions: First of all, he wanted to deal with publisher with whom he could sit face to face. Secondly, The publisher should be from Chennai the city where he lives as then he couldn’t afford to travel.
  • He wrote the manuscript in 45 days and it had 15 Chapters. He contacted a friend who connected him to Gautam Padmanabhan, CEO of Westland Ltd. Over a cup of coffee across the table he got an informal agreement for publishing his book.
  • Avis was questioned by the editorial team of Westland Limited that why would anyone publish a book of someone who has failed in life. His answer was,“Success to me is facing life and all the other labels we attach to life are fake” The editors conceded and agreed to publish the book.
  • Marketing to him now is not a flashy and brash thing, which once was. Just being yourself and wearing your life on your sleeve is the most compassionate way. All he simply does is spread across word and advice for people who are madly running the rat race.
  • He strongly champions three R’s through his talks – Reflection, Resilience and Resourcefulness and thinks that these pillars are the way to bringing awareness about his book.
  • His book is available on Amazon, and Flipkart and he says he is truly humbled by the reviews. (average rating is between 4 and 4.90).
  • Avis Viswanathan also loves the connection people make with him personally and tell him how their life has changed for good after reading his book.
  • Fall like a Rose Petal will be translated in Indian languages, beginning with Tamil.
  • He also feels keen to do all future publishing with Westland Limited because he believes tha they have the experience and expertise.
  • Audiobook version of his book is another option he is considering, but not in the immediate future due to his limitations of travel.
  • He continues to religiously write his blog with the reason to keep sharing his experiences to help the world around. He says his daily blog is for him like a daily walk, totally therapeutic.
  • “Help Yourself to Happiness” is a day program that was created because Avis believed that most of us postpone happiness instead of embracing it in time. He calls happiness a philosophy and way of life. This program intends to help people learn the art of pausing and reflecting. He encourages people to be in charge of their own happiness and not depend on others.
  • Avis recommends reading “Fall like a Rose Petal” to one and all because he feels the book is about everyone, and entails lessons life has for each of us.
  • He’s intrigued by Amitabh Bachchan because he thinks his life from rags to riches is truly inspirational and he is a true devotee of Mr. &Mrs. Bachchan.
  • Kishor Kumar’s song “Ruk Jaana Nahi Tu Kahi Haar Ke” remains his anthem for all his low key days.
  • He suggests that writers and authors should have a deeper purpose behind their writing and not merely being famous or making money out of this. He suggests that one must find out what purpose does your book have, how it shall help the reader and then aim to sell it.
  • Avis mentions that his second book is in making and with it he wants to further dive in to understand what happiness is to different people.

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