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Managing Career and Home: Apurva Purohit Author of Lady, You’re Not a Man ep18

Apurva Purohit is the author of the national best – selling book “Lady, You’re not a Man” – the Adventures of a Woman at Work”. Apurva is the CEO of Radio City 91.1 FM, an IIM –B alumnus (Batch of 89) and has been managing media organizations. She has spent 25 years in the corporate world, and has launched TV Channel, Media Agency, and is an independent Director on boards of Mindtree and Meru Travel Solutions. Apurva is also a partner in Social Venture Partners India.
You can find full bio of Apruva here.

Discussion with Apurva Purohit:

  • Apurva Purohit believes that she is in the business of managing creativity.
  • Amar recently learnt about the 90%-9%-1% rule of the Internet culture, which states that 1% of the users on the Internet create content, 9% curate content, and the remaining 90% consume the content. Apurva is a creator as well as a curator of content, thus, she falls in both the 1% and the 9% group.
  • She calls herself an accidental author. She discusses her journey as an author that evolved from her blog which turned into a bestselling novel. Her blog for women in the corporate world who face difficulty in balancing between office and home and how to make success of both career and family became a success.
  • Her friend suggested her to convert it into a novel , then began the journey of finding a publisher, writing the manuscripts which she did mostly in morning and 80% on flights, and the impact the book has had on readers.
  • She believes that the actual work begins only after the book is written and 90% of the marketing had to be done by her while publisher was doing the work of getting the book printed.
  • Apurva believes that marketing the book by reaching out to Corporate Houses and diversity events would have led to much more success for her book. She followed a few unconventional approaches for marketing books i.e. partnering with HR organizations in companies who were facing difficulty in retaining the women in work pool and did not know how to help such women. This book has now become a textbook of sorts for the HR heads of most companies.
  • She followed a targeted social media reach through face book and twitter but her employer i.e. the Radio City, provided her a platform for book publicity which helped her immensely in creating a buzz and eventually sales.
  • Apurva is a believer in providing content into regional languages for wider audience reach but believes it should not dilute the tonality and content . Her book has been translated into 3 Indian languages: Telugu, Marathi and Hindi.
  • She feels is her book should have catered to wider audience like entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs and homemakers.
  • Apurva lectures on leadership skills, diversity and work culture and believes that print books can be a good calling card.
  • She believes that there is huge opportunity for consumers to get content efficiently through digital world , audio and podcast would be an interesting medium but radio in India is still in the nascent stage where it is mostly music and for it to evolve like NPR would take a few years.
  • Her tip to aspiring authors is to write only if there is something different and interesting to share and concentrate on content and tonality.

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Ways to Contact Apurva Purohit

Email : apurvap at myradiocity dot com

Link to Apurva’s Book

Marathi Translation of Lady, You’re Not a Man

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