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Poetry Books on Diabetes : Amanda Jones ep72

Amanda Jones is a healthcare professional and a poet. She has written two poetry books through which she conveys the message about diabetes. Her first poetry book, Poems For You & Your Neighbour: Health Disorders Simplified, was published in 2015, and her second poetry book will be released on November 14th 2016: World Diabetes Day.
Amanda and I talk about her interest in poetry, why she feels that poetry can be an effective medium for conveying such an important message, her writing, editing and publishing experience.

You can listen to Amanda’s interview by clicking below


  • Amanda Jones is a registered nurse, mother of two boys, and is married to Engel Jones.
  • Engel is the creator and host of Twelve Minute Convos podcast. He is aiming for the Guiness Book of World Records for the most number of podcasts in three months.
  • Amar was a past guest on Engel’s show, you can listen to his interview here.
  • Amanda worked with patients who had eye conditions like glaucoma, and cataract. But she realized that diabetes is a real challenge and therefore she decided to focus on the different aspects of diabetes.
  • She wrote songs for Calypso competition during her school days, that’s how she developed the habit of writing
  • After her marriage, Amanda’s Mother In Law would sign and her husband would play the guitar, and she
  • Her writing desk is her glasstop kitchen table She always has a notepad and a pencil handy. Recently, she has started using a writing desk that is in her bedroom.
  • She believes that poetry is easier to remember, and that prompted her to convey her message in the form of poetry. Her books are not just an art form, they empower the patients regarding their health.
  • Amanda’s husband is the first ‘editor’ of her poetry, and also her 6 year old son. She gets instant feedback from them.
  • Her first book was self- published using Createspace (print book) and Kindle (ebook)
  • Her second book on poetry will be published two on November 12th, 2 days before World Diabetes Day. This day is also celebrated as Children’s Day in India.


Ways to Contact Amanda

email: aj at poemsbyaj dot com
LinkedIn: Nursejones
Facebook: Facebook Page

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