Using Terminal based (or command line) programs

Terminal Based Programs I am catching up on plans and To Do lists from previous years, The below list I had drawn upu in January 2018. Some of them I use regularly : Focus Writer, and audacity, for example,. Recently I used ffmpeg for converting a big batch of mp3 files into wav. As for the rest, I am posting here for posteriority, and maybe I will use them in the coming months. Some like alpine (for email) I might still use on the vintage 2006 Dell D520. Preference for terminal mode apps only…. a. Alpine- email b. Focus writer- text processing c. use a lightweight browser like midori or dillo for normail/ other work d. Abiword or gnumeric instead of libreoffice (unless absolutely needed!) e. audacity f. ffmpeg in terminal mode g. music player- mpg123 h. all others- try to use programming Screw: Purple Mandala Art: PS4 Gaming Console :
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