Manjaro Arm on Raspberry Pi 4

I use the XFCE edition of Manjaro on RPi4. In this post, I will share my thoughts and experiences on using an external drive to boot up Raspberry Pi4. Also find results from benchmarks I have run on this setup.
Source: Result:
Kingston A400 Sata 
     Category                  Test                      Result     
HDParm                    Disk Read                  MB/s                    
HDParm                    Cached Disk Read           MB/s                    
DD                        Disk Write                124 MB/s                 
FIO                       4k random read            15340 IOPS (61363 KB/s)  
FIO                       4k random write           11064 IOPS (44257 KB/s)  
IOZone                    4k read                   25715 KB/s               
IOZone                    4k write                  20519 KB/s               
IOZone                    4k random read            18069 KB/s               
IOZone                    4k random write           24552 KB/s


Sysbench-RpiOs Buster with SATA SSD
sudo vcgencmd measure_temp
This post will be updated shortly. For the technically inclined, click below to check the system performance.

  References: If you get a Low Voltage warning, refer to the following:
This post was updated on 2022-01-25