An Introduction to Yunohost Open Source Application Management Program

In my experience, using, you know, host. I learned about you know host when I was researching for my blog post on different server management panels. You know host was mentioned by a couple of members on low ed. gov, and low in spirit respectively. Today I decided to give it a try. On the watermark server that is in New Jersey, which I had subscribed to as a part of Black Friday 2020 offer the server has largely been sitting idle and I thought it was a good opportunity to give it a try. Looking at the specifications for your know. You can install it on Raspberry Pi, a local machine, or even a virtual private server. Minimum RAM is 512 Mb, and the womac machine came with a gigabyte. So it made sense to try out with a few different options, they do require Debian 10 this machine originally had Ubuntu. 18.04. And that’s why I had to reinstall, I ended up encrypting the disk, which meant that the 20 gigabytes. Hard Drive got split into 7.5. For the root server and 12 and a half for the home. Now, installing it is very easy you need curl. With the after curl installation, or you can go ahead and install the script, and then log on to the web browser for the front end of the server management panel. The menu has multiple features I thought that few icons, and the layout looked rather similar. Turns out the server out is also a little similar and look and feel. Not sure the to share some parts of the code. Next, in the you know host you can set up the administrator account password, you can install, different applications as well as create system users, etc. I tried a variety of applications ether pad, a CMS for images, and then also markdown editor. Were a few of the options, so also wiki.js. I have always been interested in installing a wiki, and try use that, except that I was not happy with the PHP based ones that they brought with them it’s a matter of personal taste, such as dokuwiki and also pm wiki etc. wiki.js I did like it very fast responsive, clean interface, and you have multiple options of either using the text editor in belt or the, you can actually go ahead and write your posts in markdown. Speaking of markdown editor, I tried their own one. However, outsiders can register, as well as anonymously, you can go ahead and use the server fork for your own markdown text. Typically, should not be a problem always happy to share and give back to the community, but without knowing the security implications, I did not want to simply turn all their options on by default. I did end up creating three sub domains, from underworld startup. So, n dot underworld startup was a wiki p was the second one. And the third is an encrypted Notepad, which somehow does not work right now on my mobile phone, either on safari or with Firefox. Other than that, work, I was able to save some text or drafts for future posts, upload images, etc. Finally, we take a look at. Under the hood, what are the other things that you can do, set up multiple users aliases alias emails that is, and applications like dev cart. And then also failed to ban get installed by default during your installation. Overall, quite happy with the number of options or the offers of the that you can install applications that you can install. What I don’t like is the, you know, host transparent graphic that sticks there that just probably stays there. And every time I had to manually drag and drop it. I’m always happy to provide credit so link could have been great, that image kind of takes up too much, real estate, on the, particularly on a mobile phone screen, and some other quirks ether pad did not sorry standard notes did not get installed the server ether pad, did not either. And some of the applications. You cannot have more than one application per sub domain, or even in folders. So those are my some of my early experiences. There are similar tools, cloud panel being another one who has a series of virtual hosts, and so forth. So, hope you found this useful.
This post was updated on 1970-01-01