How to Install and Configure KnownCMS : PHP Content Management System

Learn how to install Known CMS, and find my first impressions of this PHP based open source content management system.

Known CMS


Known CMS is a PHP based content management system (CMS) that can be installed on shared hosting or a VPS. In this post, you will find my experience with this CMS, including installation, configuration any quirks, and final takeaways. Documentation for Known CMS. Blog of Amar Vyas


I learnt about Known CMS through the list of Content Management Systems on Wikipedia. In a way, it is a re learning. Here’s why: Over the past two or three years, I check this list once every six months. My main interest is to learn about any new developments in the world of CMS. This includes, but not limited to:
  • Updates to existing CMS’es
  • New additions or deletion from the list
  • Any projects that have come back from the dead, figuratively speaking. HTMLy, (or TypesetterCMS) for example.
The last time I had checked, Known CMS had not been updated for quite some time. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see an update from June 15, 2020.


Configuration of settings for KnownCMS

Setup completed: Creating your first post

HTML editor in KnownCMS

Adding Images and media

To Add

First Impressions

Adding pages, Categories

Site Configuration

Plugins Many resources on Github (Community contributed plugins) are dated. 5 or 6 years in age!

Themes for KnownCMS

Parting Thoughts: Takeaways

I want to like this Content Management System, I really do! But cannot. That is my personal take, and I appreciate the work put in by the developers for this PHP based open source CMS.


  1. Known CMS- release page
  2. Youtube has a few tutorials on installing, conferring, securing and using Known CMS
  4. Installing Known CMS- Shared Hosting.
  5. Plugins for KnownCMS
  6. Known Guide

Update January 2022 This post is a part of ongoing series on Content Management Systems. In the past I have covered TypesetterCMS, ClassicPress among others. More CMS to follow in the coming days.
This post was updated on 2021-01-05