Image CDN Testing

This post was originally published on August 21, 2021. You will find a series of images and videos that are served from different CDNs or Content Delivery Networks. The below image is a screenshot of an image being uploaded on Imgbox.

Creating and confirming account on imgbox

Imagesimage host

Uploading files on imgbox

Below is a screenshot of a screenshot. Both the screenshot and the screenshot of the screenshot were taken on a MacBook Pro running Big Sur. Website is Screenshots by A Vyas, Aug 2021. iScreenshot of a Screenshot

Upload speeds at Imgbox

I was quite impressed by the ad free, fast loading speeds of imgbox. image host image host image host —–


![]( ——

Testing AVIF

    webp version of an avif image  

jpg version

Webp Version

PNG version ——— ### Imgur Linux Linux Lite LInuxLite-Install Xubuntu
—— This is an AVIF Image and may not display in all browsers PNG Image Webp version of that image Image from OneDrive booting RaspberryPi4 from USB image host ——

Images from Rethink Software


Cloud Panel Install

Cloudpanel admin creation

NeOS Install


Hillside view in Monsoons




—— Below are screenshots from installation of Linux Mint 20.2 “Uma” which was released in July 2021. For sake of comparison I have also added screenshots from Linux Mint Tara, which was released in 2019 . Uma features XFCe edition, Tara has the Cinnamon edition.

Secure Link

Secure Link w/ CNAME

b2 URL

b2 URL w/CName

b2 Avyas2


LinuxMint Install-Update

Install Packages

Update during installation

Options during Installation

Choosing System Settings

Selecting Timezone during installation

Updating packages during installation

Hardware Issue- Wifi Disconnection



Screenshots from Mint 2019

Mint Desktop

Upgrading Linux Mint 2019

Images and notes by Amar Vyas, July 2021 —— HTML uploading files on Markdown [![Uploading files using](]( Direct Link
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