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In conversation: Mrunal Pandit, Publisher, NRI:Now, Returned to India

  Hi, I am Mrunal, founder of Shree Gajanan Consultants and publisher of the book NRI: Now, Returned to India by author Amar Vyas. Hi, I am Amar Vyas, author of the Amol Dixit Series of books which is a fiction (humor category). The first book NRI: Now, Returned to India was released in August 2014 in print and ebook… 

Three Things to Consider While Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

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Once you have decided that you want to work with a digital marketing agency, the question arises, “Which digital agency to choose?” While a simple google search may give you a list of such agencies both in India and abroad, you may benefit immensely by following the checklist we present here. This will help you in understanding whether the agency you select are the right partner for you or not. More importantly, you will be able to maximize your return on investment (ROI), increase visibility and engagement. Below are some of the questions we asked ourselves when we were considering hiring a digital marketing agency for Baalgatha and my book NRI:Now, Returned to India.

Most Common Questions Faced by First Time Authors

First time authors face many dilemmas, from publishing to marketing to sales. Based on our interactions with our listeners we are posting some of the most commonly asked questions. Needless to say, majority of the listeners are first time authors who have written a book. Most Commonly Asked Questions on Publishing a Book Why should you write a book? How… 

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Eight Ways Your Book Will Get Published in India

Update February 2022:

I had written this post in 2013 titled “Eight Ways Your Book Will Get Published in India”. This post was published in May 2015 on my then blog, I have updated the content has been revised to eight. I had mentioned this post and the reasons a few times on MyKitaab Podcast in 2016-17, and most guests – authors, publishers, book marketers.. tended to agree with the below list. These reasons are timeless, field tested, and are still relevant !!