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VPS Review

Feature mage for blog post on Ryzen VPs by Nexusbytes. Blog of Amar Vyas

Nexusbytes Ryzen KVM VPS in Singapore gets an Upgrade

  • VPS Review
  • 6 min read

In November 2020, I decided to upgrade the Nexusbytes Ryzen KVM VPS in Singapore, and by end of December 2020, the New York VPS will be discontinued. Below are the results from the benchmarks for the upgraded server in Singapore.

Update February 2022: This service was discontinued in Mid-2021, but as on January 2022, I have re-subscribed to a VPS in Singapore under a special offer posted by Nexusbytes. The benchmark results for the same has been added in lieu of the “incomplete” YABS that was posted earlier.

Greencloud KVM VPS in Singapore: Black Friday 2020 offer

  • VPS Review
  • 5 min read

In this post I will write about the Greencloud’s KVM based VPS in Singapore, a hefty machine with 12 GB RAM from last month. This deal was a part of Black Friday 2020 offers. During Black Friday 2020, Greencloud VPS had posted several offers with some great discounts. It was not just the pricing but also the combination and the… 

Feature Image- Review of Webhorizon Singapore. Blog of Amar vyas

WebHorizon VPS- Testing new Intel based KVM in Singapore

  • VPS Review
  • 6 min read

Abdullah from WebHorizon posted a call for testers on LowEndSpirit for a new Intel Xeon based VPS line in Singapore. Testing a server in Singapore is always a pleasure- I typically get 40-45 ms in results when I run ping test, which are one of the lowest among all the servers I have tested. Only ReadyDedis in Mumbai or Digital Ocean in Bengaluru are faster, for obvious reasons.The testing involved the VPS setup process, accessing the features through Virtualizor, and finding quirks or bugs if any. But first, here are the specifications of the VPS I tested:

Feature Image for Benchmark and Review of VPS by Servers Galore> Blog of Amar Vyas

Benchmarking Servers Galore VPS- Melbourne Australia

  • VPS Review
  • 2 min read

Read my first impressions review for ryzen VPs by. Servers Galore, a provider from Australia. They posted an exclusive offer on LowEndSpirit for their Melbourne, Australia location. Nathan from Servers Galore reached out to me and asked if I would like to test out a unit. Replying in the affirmative was a no brainer, because a Ryzen VPS with NVme disks is always a pleasure to test out.Yesterday I had posted about limiting the number of benchmark tests I would be running starting next month. As luck would have it, I ended up adding one more to the list of servers to run the tests. This is a test unit for 24 hours, therefore I will limit my comments to the first impressions based on the VPS performance.