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Installing Linux on Coconics Enabler Laptop

In May and June 2021, I consolidated the data and upgraded the old computers in the household. I also upgraded the computers during this process. This post covers the upgrade to the disk on the Coconics enabler laptop. And the performance checks I conducted using the hdparm command.  The hdparm test is one of the useful tests to check disk speeds and performance.

How to use FTP from Mac. Blog of Amar Vyas

How to use FTP from your Mac

In this post, learn about different ways by which I have used FTP or file transfer protocol from my Mac for connecting to virtual private servers. For this post, the terms FTP and SFTP will be applied interchangeably. On the date of publishing this post (January 2021) using plain old FTP does not make sense.

The Rise of Ryzen Powered Virtual Private Servers

The rise of Virtual Private Server with Ryzen CPUs has gained prominence acceptance and increasing adoption over last several months. Web hosting forums, tech blogs, and websites of hosting companies mention multiple offers for Ryzen based VPS’es. These days, you are more likely to find a Ryzen powered VPS offer in the United States or Europe. In more recent weeks many such VPS plans have emerged from Asia.