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Content Management Systems

Installing ClassicPress, a Fork of WordPress. Blog of Amar Vyas

What are the different ways to install ClassicPress CMS?

In this post, I will discuss the different ways you can install ClassicPress content management system (CMS). ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress, which happens to be the most widely used content management system. It originally began as a blogging platform, and has evolved into much more than complex over the years. ClassicPress is a relatively new CMS, and while it borrows heavily from WordPress, let us also try and understand the differences between the two.

Optimizing images is one way to improve speed and performance of WordPress Site. Blog of Amar Vyas

How to Optimize WordPress Site for Improved Speed and Performance

There have been multiple discussions around speed and performance of websites, particularly WordPress sites. In this post, you will find my self assessment of speed and performance results from this site. As I began looking at optimizing the content for my blog for Search engine optimization the matter of website speed came up.

How to host your WordPress Site on a Budget

In this post, you will learn how you can host your WordPress Site on a Budget:  for under 10 US dollars a year. Also find different ways to install WordPress on Shared Hosting as well as Virtual Private Servers (VPS). In November and early December 2020, I ran a variety of tests on different configurations of WordPress hosting ranging from Shares Hosting to OVZ and KVM VPS’es. This testing was self-motivated, because I wanted to see how frugal one can get in terms of pricing, not features. My work culminated in a blog post on LowEndSpirit, and a series of smaller posts on the LowEndspirit Forum. I decided to collate the smaller posts and publish them here, because I believe this work deserves as wide an audience as it can get.

The Myth of “Best Content Management System”

Which is the best content management system?”

You might have read similar In this post, I am submitting an extract from a post I had written on an online forum or a facebook group. A user had asked the above question recently. Before setting to answer their question, I reflected upon the same, and began to pen down my thoughts.

Experimenting with Grav CMS : Breaking a good setup again

Introduction: Grav CMS

I have tried using grav content management system several times.  It is lightweight grown rather popular in recent years. Php based, and  does not use a database. In the past I have had challenges with its twig templating and over successive failures. In the first week of March 2020, I decided to give it another try.