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Video:Introduction to Content Management Systems

Since 2018, I have tested and tried over 60 different Content Management Systems or CMS. The list includes the well known CMS – WordPress and Drupal, to the relatively unknown ones such as Datenstrom Yellow and Textpattern. Majority of the CMS are PHP based, while a few use node.js or Python. Some are open source, other are proprietary. Most require… Read More »Video:Introduction to Content Management Systems

Where to find free themes for WordPress. Blog of Amar Vyas

Where to find high quality Free WordPress Themes for your blog

Welcome to Day ten of this #bloggingchallenge. Today’s theme is Technology Thursday, and for today’s post, I have used a mix of my creativity, a real life conversation, and technology tools to answer the question,

“Where do I find Free themes for WordPress?”

You may or may not be familiar with the terms WordPress or Themes. What may be of interest to you is the approach I used for publishing this post. I have covered this in the ‘hybrid approach of writing’ section at the end of this post. For now, let us get back to the post itself.

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TypesetterCMS Version 5.8 – an open source CMS revives

Development continues for TypesetterCMS

Typesetter CMS is lightweight,fast Content Management System (CMS). It is based on PHP, and is open source CMS. Most importantly, it is a flat file CMS and therefore does not require any database, which also makes it easily portable. Unfortunately, like many community or open source projects, its development had stalled over the past few years.That may no longer be the case. Recently, there have been some positive developments. Version 5.8 preview is out in the wild, (the maintainer calls it late alpha/ early beta) and I spent some time tinkering around with it.

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Wordpress ‘Installers’ on Debian11

WordPress ‘Installers’ on Debian11

Installing WordPress on Debian using command line installers is quite a task. Almost every tool such as Webinoly, Slickstack or WordOps requires Ubuntu LTS (version 20.04 at the time of writing). But what happens when one really wants Debian 11 instead of Ubuntu? Read on

The installers for WordPress that are command line based- not yet ready for Debian 11- as on August end 2021.
Testing Webinoly, WordOps and Openlitespeed’s one click installer

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Which CDN (Content Delivery Networks) to use for your WordPress Site?

Introduction: Need for CDN for WordPress site

Today someone asked a question in a Facebook group about using CDN or Content Delivery Network for their WordPress site. They wanted the CDN not just for media files but for other elements of the website as well. I responded with a series of options, thought of posting them here so that it can benefit the wider community. This post has been updated in February 2022.
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Experiment: Blog site on Blogger (Now discontinued)

Update January 2022: The below site has been discontinued, and I have moved all my blogs to this site- with the exception of my podcasting blog. -Amar Vyas

I set up a new blog site on Blogger yesterday, and it almost happened by accident. The site,, actually came up when I began tinkering with the settings for Blogger.Learn about my experiences with Blogger.

In a matter of hours, I published five blog posts on that site, which gave rise to a thought:
What if I continue publishing multiple times a day (say, 3 to 4 posts per day) for an entire month?

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