Note Taking Apps

Update 2021 Since I wrote the post on Medium, world is a different place, with multiple options!

Hindi Text output by AI Writing app Rytr

Below is the output in Hindi text by Rytr, an AI writing tool. I had asked questions about Image formatting and compression. And the tool translated and wrote the below post(s). Pretty cool! -Amar Vyas, October 2021 छवि संपीड़न क्या है? छवि संपीड़न के क्या लाभ हैं? छवि अनुकूलन उपकरण…

Which WordPress Themes Work Well with ClassicPress?

I tested a few WordPress themes to check for their compatibility with ClassicPress. Read what I learnt during the process of finding which WordPress themes work with Classicpress. The Images on this blog post will be updated shortly. – Amar Vyas, 18 February 2022