An update on VPS Benchmarks and Reviews

In this post, I provide an update on benchmarks and reviews for VPS, or virtual private servers on this site.

In this post, I provide an update on benchmarks and reviews for VPS, or virtual private servers on this site. Over the past 18 months or so, I have run benchmarks on multiple VPS’es ranging from KVM to NATs.

I have even created a dedicated page on this site where you can find an index of reviews and benchmarks .You will also see a mention of different tests that I run while benchmarking a machine. These include YABS,,, (or In particular, my interest also lies in checking network speeds or connectivity from Bengaluru, where I live, to respective server locations.

50 VPS Benchmarks and counting

Over the past several months, the servers on which I have done a review (or just run BM tests) have following characteristics:

-Virtualization varies from “cloud” hypervisor to KVM, LXC to OVZ, and NAT to VMWare.

-Their locations span across 4 continents.

-Majority of them are KVM VPS’es with typically 1 GB of RAM.

review and benchmark of VPS- Dec 2020
Review and Benchmark of VPS

Learning less by conducting more VPS benchmarks and reviews

If you are interested in economics, you might be familiar with the term Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. The Law simply means, the incremental benefit from each additional unit of a good or service reduces as the number of such goods or services increase. In this case, with every additional VPS benchmark or review, my learning is reducing. To use two more terms from economics: perishable commodity, and opportunity cost:

The perishable commodities in this case are both my time and the money spent. Majority of the reviews are for VPS’es that I paid for. Unless mentioned as a ‘test review’ in the table on the index page for VPS reviews, I have paid for these servers. The time has come to start consolidating the network of servers that has built up.

Black Friday 2020: Consolidation of VPS begins

During Black Friday 2020, I did end up getting some more server subscriptions for the coming year.But each of these new servers have higher resources compared to last year. In a few months I will have fewer active servers, but they will have more horsepower.

Way forward for my server BMs and reviews

By the end of December 2020. My intention is to publish a blog post on each of the servers, that are highlighted in bold on the index page of reviews. After which, I aim to become very selective in my reviews. 50 is probably more number of VPS reviews, than most people would ever do in their lifetime. What started as a hobby and interest has reached a point the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility is beginning to kick in. And quickly.

This post was updated on 2020-12-18